Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LIRR delays continue for a third day

For the third day in a row - and the fourth in less than a week - Long Island Rail Road commuters can expect significant delays Tuesday morning, and possibly beyond, as they continue to deal with the fallout from the worst LIRR accident in 15 years, officials said.

Morning commuters can expect systemwide delays of up to 15 minutes, and LIRR president Helena Williams said disruptions could last even further into the holiday week as crews continue to assess the damage caused by Sunday's Jamaica train derailment.

"We have significant repair work to do," Williams said Monday at LIRR's Jamaica headquarters. "We are asking, again, for our customers to have patience. We know that that's a lot to ask our customers, but they are a good New York, sturdy breed."

Many commuters inconvenienced this morning likely also dealt with major disruptions during yesterday's morning and evening rush hours. Some 19 eastbound trains were canceled during the evening peak hours and riders changing trains at Jamaica were met with agents sending them to street level, and then redirecting them to tracks that were still operational after Sunday's accident.

LIRR commuters will face another day of delays


Anonymous said...

When the LIRR was a private business, this would have been cleaned up overnight.

Anonymous said...

When the LIRR was a private business
Oh those were the days. Now you have many cooks with the MTA involvement.
Many of the old timers that knew what they were doing SPLIT OR RETIRED

Its impossible to deal with let alone communicate newer MTA workers and the criminal Trinidad union boss.

That guy takes anbody from his home country and hands them keys and tools. Does away with suprize piss tests

A good 1/2 the MTA cant speak understandable English let alone read track or measuring equipment not counting the motormen that are hungover or stoned on weed.
They all sound like Bob Marley or worse to me

Train accident...jeez now thats a suprise !

Anonymous said...

Joe you need to inform yourself and get familiar with the different agencies under the MTA umbrella. The comments that you are making are very ignorant and it show you lack of intelligence. Roger Tousant is the union leader for the New York City Transit (NYCT) Transport Workers Union (TWU). The Long Island Rail Road is in now way connected to Roger Tousant. And if you are not familiar with the hiring process of any of the various MTA agencies there is plenty of information on MTA.info. Do not let your racist thoughts skew the image of the proud people that serve the great city of New York!