Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Evacuation Day!

In a bid to revive a once-popular observance marking the end of the American Revolution, reenactors in Continental Army uniforms and other 18th century dress will stand ready Tuesday to answer questions about the 225th anniversary of Evacuation Day.

Visitors to the event in lower Manhattan are likely to have some. Beginning with: What's Evacuation Day?

Answer: Nov. 25, 1783, the day Gen. George Washington and his victorious troops marched down Broadway while the last British redcoats boarded ships in the harbor and sailed away -- taking with them some of the thousands of Americans who had remained loyal to King George III and were now, suddenly, people without a country.

New York Marks Forgotten Holiday from Revolutionary War

The NY Times has more.


georgetheatheist said...

Yes Crapper, a glorious event 'twas once.

But not as glorious as the forthcoming 2nd anniversary of your illustrious musings.

Queens Crap. Now, that's Evacuation!

Anonymous said...

It was funny reading that Staten Islanders were jeering the departing Brits. When the revolution started, this most conservative of boroughs refused to send a delegate to Philadelphia. How quickly they changed their minds.