Saturday, November 29, 2008

CB1 grows a pair

In a significant test of new zoning regulations in Dutch Kills, Community Board 1 unanimously rejected the completion of a 14-story hotel.

The developer, Wilshire Hospitality LLC, was issued a stop work order by the Department of Buildings on October 7 when new Dutch Kills zoning went into effect on the basis that the foundation was not complete.

The proposed hotel, on an L-shaped through lot located at 29-23 40th Rd. and 30-02 40th Ave., is limited to a maximum height of 125 feet under the new zoning regulations. However, the building is planned to rise to a height of 142 feet, 8 inches, which was permitted before the new zoning regulation went into effect.

Board 1 Calls For Hotel Construction Halt

Gloria Maloney, a member of the board of directors of the Dutch Kills Civic Association, said, "The ink isn't even dry on the zoning changes and already people are trying to circumvent it. This is a neighborhood where people live for 70 and 80 years. Children live here."

Beckerman said Wilshire Hospitality stands to lose $3 million and would be forced to abandon the project and sell the premises if the application was denied.

Noting the closing date of Mar. 8, 2008 on the property, Stamatiades said, "Your [financial] hardship is self-created."


Anonymous said...

Oh please, George, you have the biggest mouth in Dutch Kills and when you discovered that your prodevelopment stand made you and your community a laughing stock you are now the champion of the people.



Anonymous said...

CB! the community board from hell!

Anonymous said...

Too late boys n girls.

Now when are they breaking ground for the 11 story human warehouses you nitwits want?

Anonymous said...


As dull and out of touch as they are even they realize that they have become a byline for poor management.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones must be getting heat for that multmillion payoff from the mayor so they told the board to cool it temporarily.

Anonymous said...

All show cause they know they are a laughing stock in the city.

How much for the right campaign donation or funds for the right charity they will cut a deal.

Every developer knows that.

Will be done later, and no press coverage.