Sunday, November 23, 2008

All aboard!

The 1970s are back with a vengeance. Actually, at these late night hours, they never left.

Late Night Subways - The Filth and Hobo Express


Anonymous said...

Queens has the worst subway homeless problem because we have three lines that are entirely underground- the E, V, and R.

I usually have no shame in telling a bum to get up, and I have no problem giving an angry look at straphangers who give them cash.

Anonymous said...

I still feel bad for the homeless. Most need to be institutionalized. Thanx ACLU for making them productive citizens.

Anonymous said...

Oh, leave the man alone. He finally found out what Commissar Death and Taxes means by "Affordable Housing".

Anonymous said...

Late night? Three new "hobos" have taken up "residence" at 34th street, Penn Station where I transfer from the "1" to the LIRR - all in the last few months and they are there at all hours of the day.

Anonymous said...

actually it illegal to Photograph the homeless. I do feel bad for this guy, maybe he is left over from the Guiliani administration.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Carter!

Anonymous said...

If you're in a public place, which the subway is, you may be photographed by anyone at any time. Also, sleeping in the subway is illegal.

Anonymous said...

"actually it illegal to Photograph the homeless."

When we call 911 on this miscreant, should we ask for the grammar police of the legal police? Maybe we should just let him be. He/she might be left over from the Dinkins administration.

Anonymous said...

" ... Maybe we should just let him be. He/she might be left over from the Dinkins administration."

Why try to attack your favorite hate target from dome previous administration?

He IS on Commissar Death and Tax' watch.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to those day laborers who can't get a job or enough money together for a trip back home to Mexico etc. ?

That's right! You guessed it!

Happy holidays to all.

Maybe Mayor Mike will open up a Yuletide soup kitchen/shelter in his east side townhouse.

He'd sure look cute in a floral print hostess' apron serving meals.

There but for fortune we might all be soon!