Thursday, November 27, 2008

Challenging the Council's Invisible Man

The 2009 race for City Hall is already underway in Richmond Hill, where a 23-year-old businessman is challenging incumbent Councilman Thomas White.

Lynn Nunes, who ran against White for a Democratic District Leader position earlier this year, said he is eager for a rematch.

"This district ranks in the bottom of education, crime and foreclosures," said Nunes, a recent Queens College graduate.

"I'm not promising the world, but we should be on every doorstep and trying to improve the community," he said.

White first held the seat from 1991 to 2001, when he was forced out by term limits. He returned to office after defeating controversial incumbent Allan Jennings in 2005.

Nunes noted White has one of the worst attendance records in the Council. It has earned him the moniker "the invisible man."

"There was enough dust on his desk to have an archeological dig," Doug Muzzio, a professor of public affairs at Baruch College, told the Daily News in 2005.

White, who voted for the controversial term-limit extension bill in October, did not respond to Queens News' requests for comment.

Young gun Lynn Nunes taking shot at Thomas White's Council spot

Wow, a real estate broker...just what the district needs!


Anonymous said...

As Queens gently falls down the economic scale with poor government, hideous planning and development, and out of control tweeding, in more and more communities the only people you see in suits on the streets during the day are real estate brokers.

Check it out.

Anonymous said...

You can also add if you see a nice car in the streets in more and more communities its a black livery cab.

Limo car drivers also wear suits.

Anonymous said...

How about the explosion of tux places in the shopping areas.

No, the days that Queens has people going to black tie affairs (except if its stictly an event at one of the gaudy catering halls where stictly local talent honors a developer)are over.

Its for wait staff at restaurants.

Anonymous said...

He should get lots of coverage.

Notice that the newspapers only publish developer projects,or politicans at developer projects.

Local news of interest to the community are increasingly pushed into the back pages, if covered at all.

Anonymous said...

What is the problem? Under the radar was the (successful) push to put more builder friendly types like architects on to the community boards.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight, Lynn Nunes. Let's hope you can help Richmond Hill dump the absentee seat holder.

But, let's all note the unnoticed: This White was once tossed due to the imposition of Term Limits. After an interval, he ran and won, and returned to office. Yet, he recently voted to extend the length of time in office before limits set in.

He is the living example of the lie that term limits (that we the people put in place) removes potential candidates from our consideration.

Clearly that never happened in his case. And will never happen even if terms are limited to 4 years only.

Term limits gives all voters an opportunity to examine other, newer candidates, but also permits former office holders to try again, after a decent interval.

As usual, the Commissar and his lapdancers were lying for their own profit. (Well, they would never lie for YOUR, or each other's profit, now, would they?)

Anonymous said...

Just what we need, one of the Richmond Hill real estate scammers in the City Council. No way.

Anonymous said...

As opposed to?????

Anonymous said...

Is that his eighth grade class photo?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lynn Nunes's does not have a track record in civic or community work. White must be replaced, but Nunez must establish himself as a community fighter first.

He is a broker associated with unethical practices in the sub prime mortgage mess that caused many of his clients and constituents to lose their homes to the banks.These poor people are now homeless and backrupt.

He is part of the Romeo Hitlall/NMCRA group-a disgraced broker at 110 Street on Liberty Avenue, who stiffed Russo on the Bay over $50,000 for his 2006 office party. They have made a career in stiffing many people. They now operate a prostitution and drug ring at Avenue Lounge, located opposite the defunct real estate building. Lynn is also a mortgage processor with Hitlall and Prestige Funding-they created fake loan documents like pay stubs and W-2s, that caused many homeownres to go into foreclosures. Tom White is an angel compared to these businessmen. Romeo Hitlall got Joe Addabbo to put him on the community board-the first convicted felon to achieve this distinction, a strategic move to protect his liquor license. Romeo is the favorite client of Addabbo and Greenberg, a law firm specializing in criminal law, headed by Joe's brother.

We don't need organized crime in the City Council.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer; You are a windbag.

Citizen said...

I personally met Lynn Nunes on numerous occasions at Community Boards, Police Precincts, and community events. I personally sit on both the community board and police precinct. I am also an active member in my community. That’s why I was compelled to respond to your comment. The Lynn Nunes I know, the one who is running for City Council, Does attend community events and community meetings. Not sure if you got your facts correct or even the right guy. He has my support and everyone I know. Oh well I guess you can not please everyone. Maybe a little case of Jealousy…… But Keep Pushing Forward Lynn we need a breath of Fresh Air!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Lynn Nunes it's time for change for this community to come and your the guy to bring it you have my support

Anonymous said...

Lynn has outstanding leadership skills and helps out at my church frequently. You got my vote lynn.

Unknown said...

In my neighborhood not much has changed over the years. We have a team of stagnant leadership that apparently forgot what we elected them for. I am appauled at the comments that I'm reading attacking people (with false information at that) such as Lynn Nunes that also sees that our comunity needs change, and he has the guts and proactive mentality to actually do something about it!
Ask yourselves: 'are we any better off than we were 4 years ago'? Absolutely not! So that being the case, use all of that negative energy towards exposing those whom deserve it like our current absantee officials...not towards people offering the much needed change that we need.
Lynn Nunes has my vote and support. He has already proven to be more concerned than any of the elected officials in our area. Focus on the facts!

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I have met him before, seen like a dishonest guy. The whole time I was speaking to him, he sounded like he was trying to sell me something.Something just seen wrong with this guy never looked me directly in my eyes. Sorry Mr lynn nunes you do not have my vote. He seen like he is up to something sorry to say, but I am always right.We are voting to benifit our community, we need someone that will understand us. He also looks very young, no life experiance we should be teaching him. I will illistrate the situation I was trying to ask him how would he deal with some of the issues in our district. His answer was, I will be better at it because I attend all meeting and White does not. Then he handed me a flyer, told me to read it, it just a picture of him and said vote for him. Then he ask me where I lived. When I told him, someone else came into the conversation ask me if I will put a sign up for his campain I told them no I dont even know you. I felt uneasy and I belive that is the wrong way to feel around someone suposely is running for council in my district. I have the right to my opinion we are the ones that are voting for him atleast take out th time to speak to me.

Anonymous said...

who is this Anonymous individual that's not brave enough to state his name or the sources for his so "decisive" remarks on these individuals? i am specifically responding to the comments about Lynn and Romeo hitlall- what makes you such an expert at ridiculing and judging others regardless of the mistakes inthe past? are you talking politics or just plain trying to defame people you're not sure about? i mean seriously...prostitution?drug ring? what does this have to do with Lynn Nunes? and why does his small affiliation with ONE former business man affect his running? besides Mr anonymous where is your proof? do you have pictures? videos? or is this just hearsay? because its agaisnt the law to write non factual things about anyone are you aware of this? what exactly makes you any better from these "business men" when you resort to defaming them on a blogger site? how pathetic is that? goodness you want to tell me you've never decieved someone before in your life??? if you answer no then i'm afraid you need to re-evaluate your life because that's impossible!I'm not sure what gets to you more that fact that Romeo hitlall had made mistakes and gotten away with it or that he still has a smile on his face everytime you see him when you're expecting him to be crushed and down in the gutter??? haven't you ever heard the saying ? the bad always prosper while the good stays in mid air? do you kwow why-i'll tell you its because they are risk takers..they know what they want and they strive for it at any cost-i think this makes you mad because you all know that Romeo may very well rise again he will take that risk and jump for something bigger than you can imagine..but why beat up on him or any other person doing what they need to do to survive...if you think this i so wrong then YOU do better- and trust me doing a write up here on this blog doesn't exactly put you in the BETTER catogery!! come on people - stop lighting fires for others - ignite your own lives by doing right!!!!