Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A message from our former thronewarmer

"Everyday I wake and read about more government support for financial institutions that is supposed to benefit the overall economy and American consumers, yet none of my constituents are seeing any relief," Katz said in a press release.

"On the contrary, their access to credit is decreased in the form of reduced limits and their credit card rates are rising," the Queens lawmaker continued. "This is outrageous, considering the Federal bailout programs are distributing taxpayer dollars to the credit card companies and affording them access to cheap capital from the Federal Discount Window. We as taxpayers are being asked to re-capitalize these banks and then we’re getting charged for the privilege."

"I am cutting up my American Express card. Until the situation is rectified and rates are either frozen or lowered, American Express will no longer get my business, and I urge all New Yorkers to join me.”

"The Federal bailout money was never meant to boost profits. It was meant to free up the credit markets and provide access to capital. Yet American consumers have yet to see the benefits of any of this. Where is our increased access to capital, and where are our reduced credit card rates?”

Katz, who is currently the only woman in the running for the comptroller's office, also launched an on-line petition entitled "Where's My Tarp?" (that's short for Trouble Asset Relief Program), which features an open letter to (outgoing) Treasury Secretary Paulson.

Katz vs. AmEx

This has got to be one of the lamest stunts of the year.


Anonymous said...

Admirable - but Katz does nothing - I SAID NOTHING for her district. A USELESS POL.

Anonymous said...

Alley Katz
doesn't need her Amex card.

She's got a mega credit line from her developer friends any time she needs some cash!

will somebody empty that pasty faced slut's litter box please!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of grandstanding phooey!

She cuts up her AMEX card, yet probably has a backup Visa or Mastercard in reserve!

Of course all the credit card companies charge usurious interest rates. Only an idiot carries a balance. Simply charge what you can afford, and pay off your balance every month. It's not rocket science. Our parents did this, and you should too!

Anonymous said...

El correcto Wade.

Helps to marry mega bucks too.

Anonymous said...

This woman is odd.

Anonymous said...

but Katz does nothing - I SAID NOTHING for her district.

Not true! She is a big friend of every developer in that district!

Anonymous said...


I have no use for credit and paying interest
I have a check card and a $200 float in Paypal for assorted you can only find on Ebay and Mouser.

Only stuff I need for my business and THATS IT.

Wait till the shit really hits the fan come Febuary, this $2 gas is only a sham by Bush and Co. to get people to buy cars.

Wont work since Detroit is run by a bunch of greedy unions, legacy payouts and arrogant MoFo's who refuse to develop useful new technology.

Made in Brazil plastic intake manifolds on Linclon Town cars that crack fail after 30K miles don’t count.
(8 hours labor in the book + $600 in parts)
Ask any cab driver


Anonymous said...

vote her the hell out please go with the jew mayor please leave .