Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shocking news: Developer tries to defy new zoning

A developer who wants to build a Marriott hotel in Dutch Kills is seeking an exemption from new laws that will curtail a recent boom in high-rise hotel construction in the neighborhood.

Wilshire Hospitality LLC of Pennsylvania wants the city to make its Marriott exempt from zoning laws passed last month - saying the new guidelines will kill the $17 million project.

Wilshire asked the city Board of Standards and Appeals for a waiver after failing to meet a construction deadline that would have allowed the project to be completed under the old zoning regulations.

The developer's request has drawn the ire of residents and community leaders in Dutch Kills, a low-rise haven in Long Island City where at least 14 towering hotels are being built.

Hotel builder wants to rise above rezone to build Marriott in Dutch Kills

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Anonymous said...

Of course he will get it.

CB1 the community board from hell.