Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bay Terrace says bye to Ben's

The president of Bayside’s popular Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen Restaurant said a deal to move the eatery to another spot in the Bay Terrace shopping center has collapsed following six months of acrimonious negotiations with Forest Hills−based landlord Cord Meyer.

Ben’s had requested two five−year options to remain at its current site at the Bay Terrace center, but could not afford an 86 percent rent increase imposed by Cord Meyer, said Scott Singer, president of Ben’s.

Cord Meyer had offered to build a new site for the deli in another part of the center, but the talks unraveled earlier this week after six months of discussions, Singer said.

Ben’s Deli, Bay Terrace to part ways


Anonymous said...

As Ben's is the only reason I go to Bay Terrace, looks like I don't have to drive up to that far corner of Queens any longer.

Anonymous said...

The Leach gets another one.

No commercial rent regulation = tyranny of the landlord.

We don't need external terrorists, we've got them right here:landlords.

Kevin Walsh said...

And you'll get ANOTHER bank there.

Anonymous said...

Well that sucks- a good kosher deli is part of the fabric of what makes NYC so great. Now we have lost yet another piece of our identity

Anonymous said...

Bayside's been slowly but steadily on the skids for years now.

The loss of Ben's is just another nail in its coffin!

That's what happens when an overpriced, over-rated community of snotty isolationists living in denial with their heads in the sand for so long ignores any early warning signs of an impending downfall.

Anonymous said...

A group of us will be meeting at Ben's Deli in Manhattan, 209 West 38th Street on Saturday, December 6, 2008. Come join us as we not frown about the Queen deli but smile and raise a glass to the deli's heritage. We'll get there about 2PM.
Keep smilin'!

Anonymous said...

To Ben's I say Good bye, so long, fair well! The place never held a candle to the Hebrew National Deli that was in the shopping center years ago. My tears are for the unemployed. If enough people in the area want hot dogs and pastrami someone will fill the void.
Cord Meyer ripped the "soul" out of the shopping center years ago. I've been here 42 years, if that counts for anything, it's not as much change as an unfortunate evolution of a distinct community that has become defused over time and overdevelopement.
My advice... Learn Korean if you want to patronize the stores that will eventually be coming to Bayside

With that I say... Oye Vay!

Anonymous said...

Very sad! After all the bad economy news, it's ending the year with my favorite restaurant leaving. A memorable place spent with relatives and numerous dates. The best pastrami, corn beef, chicken soup... 86% rent increase?? I hope the place stays vacant for a while. I am gonna miss all the workers, God bless them wherever they go.