Saturday, November 29, 2008

Police cracking down on Astoria graffiti

The New York City Police Department and community members are working together to try to keep Queens graffiti-free.

NYPD Teams Up With Community To Make Queens Graffiti-Free


Anonymous said...

Again? This must be the 7th or 8th time for this.

Getting worse since riff raff is moving in and a dramatic jump in absentee landlords.

Note how these projects always show residential areas in press releases.

In reality they use the public or donated money to clean commerical districts - something the landlords or store owners should be doing.

Anonymous said...

Tried to mention absentee landlord problem on and they got some staff in real estate offices to pose as residents saying how wwwwoooonnnddddeeerrfffuuullll buildings with absentee landlords are.

Well there is always a first.

A real community website.

For the politican and developer communities.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell!

Anonymous said...

They aught to fine the landlords for this.

The problem is with abentee landlords they would have to come around frequently.

We dont want to interfer with milking the cow, do we?

Anonymous said...

how do we know it's not done by the landlord's themselves? or by the firms who charge to remove graffiti?

there are worse problems in Queens than graffiti. more smoke and mirrors.

what about landlords who harass tenants out of rent stabilized apartments?

Anonymous said...

Are you people serious? Absentee landlords are the cause for grafitti? What about the grapfitti you see in subway stations? Store fronts? The subway cars themselves? Highway signs? I actually see plenty of grafitti of single and two family houses in astoria, and on the garages of said houses. Grafitti isnt just a problem in Astoria, its a problem everywhere. Do you all mean to tell me that there is no Grafitti in the single/2 family neighborhoods? If so, you need to open your eyes. Its everywhere. The problem is catching the stupid kids that are doing this, because chances are, this isnt the only illegal activity they are involved in.

Queens Crapper said...

Absentee landlords have less incentive to clean their properties because it's not their quality of life that is affected and it costs money. Is that so hard to understand?

Anonymous said...

It took two years to finally have a property owner on our block remore sloppy tags from there garage next to the sidewalk.They finally finished the three story building which is great because they did construction on Christmas and New Years at building shaking volume.I wonder how long the tags will stay off?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder how long the tags will stay off?"

This is why there is little incentive. In certain lets say on the service road of the LIE, where there are some single family homes with nice expensive white will see tags. So many times I have seen the fences painted over, just to be covered again the next day. I feel the issue has little to do with Absentee landlords quality of life...but more to do with, whats the point of giving these morons a clean slate. I hate graffitti and wish everyone would clean it up, but you have to see why some people, even single family homeowners give up after a while.

Is that so hard for you to understand? Not all problems are caused by absentee landlords. Some, yes...not all...certainly not graffitti. It is a rampant problem throughout this city, and many large cities.