Thursday, November 20, 2008

Calling them out on the carpet

Gov. David Paterson's energetic response to the state budget crisis has been the hallmark of his tenure, but even as he was ordering state agencies to cut their spending and warning of even tougher times ahead, his Office of General Services was buying a $21,000 custom-stitched 10-foot-by-15-foot antique carpet for the governor's mansion.News of the purchase, from a New York City firm that had contributed at least $8,000 to the Spitzer/Paterson campaign, was seized upon by critics who have questioned some of the governor's budget-cutting plans.

Purchase of Turkish carpet takes taxpayers for a ride?

The rug, ordered from Stark Carpet on Third Avenue in New York City, was shipped July 31, according to payment records and invoices. Earlier that week, Paterson ordered a second round of cuts for state agencies, bringing the reduction to 10 percent.


Taxpayer said...

Paterson says:
"Abracadabra, I now have your money and you have empty pockets. That makes you lighter for the flight."

Then, he says: You say there's a problem; I don't see it at all!

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's not a prayer rug!

Patterson will need Allah's help to get elected if he decides to run instead of inheriting his office
from a sex addict/ex governor!

Anonymous said...

Patterson's a phoney like bloomie and bloomberg is hiding things from the gov.Theres thousands of other thing's to cut other than schools such as expensive rugs and building projects.

georgetheatheist said...

And don't forget the 4 million dollars down the craphole from yesterday's renaming of the Ole Triboro Bridge, the RFK. $4 million to change the signage. Why? Because that whoremonger Eliot Spitzer decided on this.

Anonymous said...

and 4 bill for willets point taxes will be high

Anonymous said...

Spitzer was going te investigate Wall street and we dont want that do we? Also any wise political reader knows that 95 % of politicians go to prostitues.Who cares about that.Take care of unregulated data brokers,hedge fund managers, and the economy.
From The Independent UK:
Across the world, hedge funds have been blamed for their role in the collapse of banks, many of which suffered in their final stages from a crisis of confidence which some managers said was caused by short-selling of the company shares. Yesterday's panel, to a man, described the hedge funds who sell short (that is, place bets on a share price going down) as helping bring efficiency to markets by highlighting bad companies, but most agreed more regulation of the industry would be desirable, as would greater disclosure of their positions.
The five best-paid hedge fund managers – who between them made $12.6bn last year, even as the financial world began to crumble around them – were hauled before the US Congress yesterday and assailed over their huge salaries, their tax perks and their contribution to the credit crisis that has engulfed the globe.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer lost more cases than he won, and he and his appointees are all hypocritical losers.

But this bit with the rugs remind me of a certain pink leather couch...

Anyone? Anyone?

georgetheatheist said...

Ta-da. Laura Blackburn. What do I win?