Saturday, November 22, 2008

A crap above, part 6

One of these things just doesn't belong here
The rest of these things look kind of the same
Can you guess which one just doesn't belong here?
Guess before my song is done...and now my song is done.

(Apologies to Sesame Street.)

The house that sticks out is 22-18 Harman Street in Ridgewood. Not only did the owner expand up, but he also expanded down with an illegal apartment in the basement.

Why buy a bigger house when you can just squeeze every penny out of one that's too small for you and destroy the streetscape in the process?


Anonymous said...

Illegal it is, but at least he tried.

Anonymous said...

Illegal it is, and the landlord should be in jail.

Anonymous said...

the tree doesn't belong there

Anonymous said...

I agree it's ugly. But I'm not sure it's Illegal. If he does have a basement apt. , all you need are two exits in case of an emergency and your golden. The roof extension must have a permit for construction as well as for occupancy. If the city DOB issued them then he's in the right. If not report him, and if found to be illegal he will have to take it down. This happen in Brooklyn and the developer was ordered to stop construction, all because someone said something. Give it a try.

Queens Crapper said...

Perhaps you are misunderstanding the information that was presented. Click on the first link and you see that DOB already inspected and found the illegal cellar apartment. You can legalize a basement apartment, but not a cellar. A cellar is a level that is more than 50% below ground.

DOB did issue a permit to build above, and the point is that it destroys the streetscape, not that it's a crime (but it should be).

Anonymous said...

Its not a crime because the folks that control preservation live in protected areas where this does not happen.

Now 2 Columbus Circle, that is something to make a big stink about.

Anonymous said...

fat chimney for fat santa