Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wedgin' 'em in off Woodhaven

95-01 95th Street in Woodhaven: formerly a two story, one-family house with lots of green surrounding it.
Now three 3-story buildings with 2 dwelling units each (wink) with yards which will probably be paved over. Actually, I don't even think they'll have yards.

Yes, we need Bloomberg back for another term.


Anonymous said...

I see the property has an R5 zoning. That's such a shame. Until our neighborhoods become rezoned, this will go on and on. Maybe on a smaller scale with the banks in trouble, but it will continue.

Bloomberg needs to go, asap. I wonder if it's true that NYC will no longer be the financial capital of the country and that it will be Washington, DC. If that's the case, many people will have no use for living in or near NYC and real estate values will plummet. And with foreclsures rising, is building MORE homes smart, even for a blood-sucking developer? I cringe for the future. Even all these people who built their own McMansions, will they be worth the million bucks they think it's worth? These are probably the same people that borrowed 500K+ to build them. What the hell is going to happen?

Anonymous said...

This is why Queens is leading foreclosures in the city. There are no more people that are going to buy these expensive overpriced homes. Keep taking 1 and 2 family homes down and keep building 4, 5 and 6 homes on these properties and by next year Queens is going to be giving away their properties.