Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 cops shot in subway by illegal alien

Mr. Kelly said the officers, from District 20 of the Transit Bureau, were working under a lieutenant’s supervision in the 21st Street-Queensbridge subway station on the F line in Long Island City, Queens, when Mr. Nunez arrived at about 5:15 p.m. and tried to swipe himself through a turnstile with a student MetroCard.

Student cards automatically set off a light near the turnstile, and the lieutenant saw the light and concluded that the user did not look like a student.

The officers got one handcuff on Mr. Nunez, but he started struggling fiercely, and all three men fell to the floor. One of the officers’ handguns came loose, and a witness said Mr. Nunez got to his feet with the gun and started firing.

Officer Maass, who joined the department in January 2006, was shot in the back, below his bullet-resistant vest, the police said. He had bullet fragments in his pelvic area. Officer Farina, who has been on the force for four years, was also shot toward the back and the side, but the bullet lodged just below his sternum, the police said. That bullet also did not hit his bullet-resistant vest.

2 Plainclothes Officers Shot in Queens Subway Station

The police said Mr. Nunez is a native of the Dominican Republic. Police records indicated that he was deported for a narcotics violation in 2001 and that he might have returned illegally, police officials said. They also said Mr. Nunez indicated after the shooting that when the officers confronted him, he was afraid that an arrest would mean he had to return to his native country.

Instead we get to keep him and feed, clothe and shelter him for life. Another crime in the borough brought to you courtesy of Mayor Bloomberg's sanctuary city policy. Four more years!


Anonymous said...

On the news they said it was Astoria,but its LIC Queensbridge houses.Why is this loser scum back in the country??I think crapper could give us a update on the sanctuary bloomie policy.This should have never happened because he should be in jail in his own country, but he comes here where he should not have been let in the States to begin with.

Anonymous said...

As usual only now when something really bad happens will people pay attention and demand this criminals deportation.

Bloomberg lives in a different financial statosphere as the average New Yorker. Why we elected him Mayor is unknown. He might haev the financial smarts but the everyday street smarts he doesnt need because he lives in an world of limos and resturants. He doesnt live in our world - where he rides a subway or bus to work and doesnt have to worry about getting mugged or attacked. He isn't the person who is walking down the street and seems someone in gang colors coming his way and says Oh no maybe I better cross the street and get our of their way. He has someone who does his laundry, does his grocery shopping and cooks for him. When was the last time he actually went into Stop and SHop for a gallon of milk. NEVER!! He just doesnt get it!!

Anonymous said...

Vibrant, diverse and now DANGEROUS!

It used to be that in China under Chairman Mao, a capital crime was punishable by the perp facing a firing squad.

The perp's family then got a bill for the bullets used for the execution.

H-m-m-m, now that's a thought!

Anonymous said...

Astoria is going down the tubes. Seven people stabbed a month ago on Steinway Street, and dozens evicted from one building alone.

Coupled with the riot at Astoria Pool and the blackout with the fried power grid a few years ago, and morons like Dutch Kills and the community board anding 10s of thousands the community has a great future.

Yes, Vallone thinks four more years are just what the community needs. The leaderhship is busy ripping out the pipes before than abandon the community as a wasteland in a few years.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

The wusses at are wondering if its worth it for the cops to pull people over for fare beating.

Well hell, considering his minor infraction, the police response was almost over the top.

Anonymous said...

Holy God, OF COURSE the officers should assume the perp jumping the turnstile will become belligerent. It's called universal precautions. Just like in Medicine - assume everyone has a problem you aren't aware of.

Unknown said...

Bloomie "has someone who does his laundry, does his grocery shopping and cooks for him."

Just like my husband!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

"Shooting 2 cops"!

Another one of those "jobs Americans are no longer willing to do"!

Anonymous said...

Yes in CHina they bill the family for the bullet.

In that country you so much as lift a finger in protest they glue you to the front of a truck and use you as a battering ram.

Send that punk back to "MY Country"
as these damn illegals like to say

Anonymous said...

This piece of S**t belongs where S**t comes from.