Friday, October 24, 2008

Parkway Village considered for landmarking

As the United Nations celebrates its 63rd anniversary today, residents of a Queens co-op linked to the global organization are locked in an argument about whether to landmark their homes.

The city Landmarks Preservation Commission - which twice rejected Parkway Village for designation, in 1997 and 2000 - has committed to reconsidering the 34-acre community, said agency spokeswoman Lisi de Bourbon.

Parkway's collection of red-brick homes with white columns were once occupied by notables such as diplomat Ralph Bunche and civil rights activist Roy Wilkins.

But because the city rarely landmarks a site without support from its owners, much is riding on an upcoming struggle for control of Parkway's co-op board.

Parkway Village owners divided on landmark designation


Anonymous said...

Landmark status not only preserves our beautiful American history but it will maintain and increase its real estate value.

This has been seen in other parts of the city with Landmark status such as (the historic district of) Jackson Heights and Sunnyside.

These areas once overlooked by some are now of great interest to young and established professionals and families looking for a place to call home and be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I do hope Parkway Village will be landmarked. Parkway Village is so special, has a history, a life, a soul. I've lived there in 1959/65, happiest moments of my life, between United Nations International School and my friends from all over the world. Parkway must live, and not be destroyed for rebuilding whatever sad buildings. I will always love Parkway Village, and when I come to visit it perhaps next year, I do hope to see the same red bricks, the same green trees... and a cleaned-up ground, since I've learned that there are problems at that level. Clean-up and give us back eternal Parkway! Love to all from France.