Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kaufman Astoria breaks ground on expansion

After nine years of delays, Kaufman Astoria Studios—one of New York City’s largest film and television studios—on Monday broke ground on a $20 million expansion.

New sound stage for New York

The new building, which will be located diagonally across the street from Kaufman Astoria’s current building in Astoria, Queens, will house an 18,000-square-foot sound stage and 22,000 square feet of office and other support space like dressing rooms and a carpentry shop. It will be the studio’s seventh stage.

The project was made possible through a $5 million grant from the city, administered through a funding agreement with the New York City Economic Development Corp., and $2 million in grants and loans from the New York State Empire State Development Corp.


Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin's new bar, ramp & sleep cot !

...oh wait !
Perhaps I mean Silvercup Tina's new digs courtesy of General Electric.

That 8H crowd changes varbage faster then a Al Sharpton/Ted Nugent debate on WNYC

Anonymous said...

Tickle Elmo and a bunch of bloomie condos pop up faster than you can say billionaire fight.