Thursday, October 23, 2008

Queens lady gets non-stop phone calls

The sound of a ringing phone has plagued Rose Stama and her family; wrong number phone calls have flooded the Flushing household for the past month, mostly from abroad.

Stama, 85, has had to unplug her phone in order to get some sleep at night.

After speaking with many of the wrong number callers, Stama's daughter and granddaughter figured out that a phone card company called STI Prepaid was at the root of the problem.

NY1 called Verizon and STI and they determined that STI technicians accidentally listed Stama's number as the outgoing number for STI's calling cards. The two numbers, as it turns out, differ by only a digit.

NY1 For You: Queens Woman Flooded With "Wrong Number" Calls


Anonymous said...

Wrong NUMBER and no comprende.

Anonymous said...

Wait until she gets some fugazy bill from some shady, fly-by-night phone company.

Anonymous said...

Listen, lady, I swear I'm not your grandson making fun of you. No, really, you dialed the wrong number. Well, then, if you don't speak English, why are you still screaming at me? Oh, it's the Zoloft? I guess you better call your broker. She put you on Zoloft, didn't she. How did I know you're on Zoloft? Isn't everybody? Look at the stock market. Irration exhuberance, they called it. While it lasted.

Anonymous said...

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