Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy inspector and building owner go at it

An explosive showdown between a city building inspector and a guy with a run-down building was caught on camera. Fox 5's John Deutzman reports that it was just another part of a heated neighborhood feud that has been boiling for years.

Troubled Building, Angry Inspector

And of course, it all happened in Astoria.


Anonymous said...

I went to school across the street fromo there many years ago and I actually always thought that building was abandoned.

Who put the scaffold up? Obviously probably not the owner.

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

NYC Police State.
Finally someone has caught DOB Inspector abuse on video. These no nothing building inspectors are trained only to write violations. That poor man who has been living here what 30-40 years, is the target of a plot by his neighbor and the vindictive city government to force him from his home.
He has done nothing wrong and has committed no crime.
He pays his taxes and wants to be left alone.
As soon as they finish him off they will come to your house next.
If there any good lawyers out there please help this poor citizen.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned this house in a comment here a few weeks ago. That house could collapse at any minute. The mortar between the bricks is half gone. It has been covered in scaffolding for years. It is a danger to neighborhood.

The fact that that inspector is a douchebag has nothing to do with the larger issue.

Anonymous said...

arrest the landlord, arrest the DOB the inspector so he can never work for the City of New York again. deport him back to where he came from, which is probaly the Caribbean.

the most corrupt HPD & DOB inspectors are in Queens, the most corrupt housing judges are in Queens County, to wit, James Grayshaw & the son of Grayshaw, Levvertt, may they rot in hell. cancer is too good for them.

ask this question- why didn't this building go in Rem and be given to the city years ago?


Anonymous said...

Granted, this idiot Inspector deserves to lose his job, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this property is grossly neglected, a disaster waiting to happen, and quite possibly one huge health code violation. In a rare instance like this, I am all for some kind of governmental intervention.

Anonymous said...

I have to go w/intervention here. There is no way that that building is stable. The broken windows are letting in rain water which I would bet is rotting the wood structure interior enough that the brick facade will eventually start collapsing. The pigeons in there crapping all over the place I'm sure is creating it's own health violation. I don't even want to know what the top floor smells like.

Judging from it's size it has more than enough apartment space in it to generate good rental income - more than enough to pay fixing the place over the short term (2-5 years). Unfortunately though, this guy is obviously mentally unstable, probably has no kids, and thus no care for what becomes of it after he dies.

I used to live down the street, and everyone in the area knows it hasn't been cared for in at least 10-20 years. It's simply not fair to the lady that owns the other properties that this guy refuses to maintain that place. The school across the street makes it a hazard to kids that go there.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken the building can be forcibly sealed by the City.

Anonymous said...

Why should this psychopath get away with breaking the law ? He is responsible for the upkeep of property. It obviuos that in this stupid immigrant's country they don't have any.
What happened before the tape was roling ? You can see the inspector was already on the phone calling NYPD. He was set up and assaulted by the psychopath. Does this guy sleep with a videocamera around his neck ?
At least the city worker has the BALLS to do his job at 8 am on a Sunday morning, and confront this idiot.
What interesting things were you all doing ?
And as far as the scaffold, yep you gessued it, put up by the city at taxpayer expense to protect your sorry asses when you walk by.