Thursday, October 23, 2008

NYS Pavilion: Weedy, seedy and needy

This shows how pathetically lazy the parks workers are that they cant even pull weeds, sweep up or apply ground clear enzyme. What a bunch incompetent arsholes. Where do our taxes go?
The are also using it as a "holding pen" for theatre goers, scenery and catering trucks. THAT'S why they took down the elevators. What a bunch of liars !!!
Reminds me of an episode of "I Love Lucy." - Joe


Anonymous said...

How expensive would it be for the city to by some weed spray and clean the place up?

Anonymous said...

"What a bunch incompetent arsholes. Where do out taxes go?"

Here's one place they go: Benepe now wants to install sandboxes in city park children's playgrounds.

Yeah, that right. Sandy toilets for cats, dogs, and little kids.

Decent people will be finding used diapers buried in the sand. Just like at the beaches under Benepe's responsibility.

First it was unleashing the dogs into the parks to poop everywhere, now, this moron will supply these playpen toilets for all.

Does anyone else see Benepe's fecal fetish?