Thursday, October 30, 2008

An excellent piece about tweeding

Some people claim that the way the media covers Fidler shows a racial bias in its reporting of political corruption. By reading the dailies we know how Councilmembers Erik Martin Dilan and Leroy Comrie sent member items funds to nonprofits that hired their wives. Maria del Carmen Arroyo sent money to nonprofits that employed her sister and nephew. Darlene Mealy tired to find a nonprofit to hire her sister. Hiram Monserrate, Larry Seabrook and Kendall Stewart used nonprofit money to help in their campaigns.

Pork Pig Fidler’s Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him

What is never covered is a more complicated corruption in the white community where member item funds and campaign contributions go through interlocking nonprofits, lobbyists and special interests developers. Umbrella nonprofits like Fidler’s Millennium Developers are just the tip of the iceberg of corruption; Emily Giske of Bolton-St. Johns, Parkside’s Evan Stavisky, Jeff Plaut’s Global Strategy, George Artz, Yoswein, Geto & De Milly, and Knickerbocker SKD help campaigns more than Councilman Hiram Monserrate’s nonprofit Libre get a free ride from the media’s corruption coverage.

The Parkside Group used their relationship with former Speaker Miller, former Queens Democratic leader Tom Manton and convicted felon Brian McLaughlin to pull in over $7 million in consulting fees from nonprofits receiving council funding. Former Thomas Jefferson Club leader Bruce Bender, now working for as chief lobbyist for Atlantic Yards developer Bruce Ratner, helps fund Borough President Markowitz’s umbrella nonprofit Best of Brooklyn.

George Orwell would have to write a new chapter in 1984 to explain how 34 City Councilmembers under investigation for illegally using the member items slush fund were able to receive press coverage that basically said that extending their time in office would increase choice, democracy and improve our economy.

Without an informed public, elected officials act like organized crime mobsters, working against the voters’ needs for personal gain. They create government-funded umbrella-type nonprofit reelection organizations to stay in office. They also create a dysfunctional, unregulated government with no legal accountability to carry out their greedy friends’ scams to make money at the cost of the public good. Our city would be a lot better off if it listened to a few independent voices about the dangers of repealing the Glass-Spiegel Act, rather then constantly devoting their coverage to political celebrities and their meaningless news conferences.


Anonymous said...

Well, one of my three wishes has come true. The Phillies won the series. Now, lets move on to Mayor Mike getting his ass thrown out, and Evan Stavisky going to jail. God bless America.

Anonymous said...

If the power of prayer works, God, please bring down the Parkside Group, and please punish Anthony Como for using your name in vain on his tacky campaign lit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this piece would have to conclude that term limits need to apply to every single elected office in the nation.

Rotten schools producing ignorant, lazy TV and game addicts, a media, too lazy to rouse itself to actually report (the media attended the same rotten schools), lazy, ignorant, greedy and vile electeds, taking advantage of an ignorant media and electorate, have produced a cancer that may well now be incurable.

There is now only one way to regain what we had. And that isn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Notice how in the comments, Lew asks the blog to censor those calling him out.

Anonymous said...

What the f...? Where is the oversight? Where is the ethics committee? It's been said before but can't be said enough...bring in the Feds!!!

Anonymous said...

This corrupt hack has got to be one of the ugliest people on the planet. Both inside and out.