Friday, October 31, 2008

Nydia: "Land Grabs Like This Give Eminent Domain A Bad Name."

This lady just makes too much sense. Watch the Tweeders' faces as she testifies.

This is a commercial that WPIRA will be putting on the air:


Anonymous said...

Nydia kicked ass!

Anonymous said...

You could not make a better case and reasoning to leave Willets Point alone. In fact these buisnesses should be compensated for the deliberate denied essential city services over the past decade to tax payer buisnesses!

Anonymous said...

See, not all hispanic politicians are as bad as this blog claims!

Anonymous said...

The State and city are going to lose billions in revenue because of the financial chaos caused by corrupt mortgage lending to unqualified people so they could have "affordable housing".

But, the Commissar still wants to transfer multi-billions of our tax dollars to extremely wealthy developers so they can produce "affordable housing" for those unqualified to purchase a home, affordable or not.

He will accomplish this by seizing private property from more than 260 private businesses that pay huge millions of tax dollars (plus owner and union and non-union employee income taxes) to the city.

Then he will deliver to the wealthy developers multi-billions of our money, plus the seized land so they can become wealthier.

Does anyone have any idea how the wealthy developers will show their thanks to the Commissar?

A) Can we afford to seize this private property?
B) Can we afford to keep this high-maintenance Commissar?

Anonymous said...

"See, not all hispanic politicians are as bad as this blog claims!"

Without any blah-blah-blah, list the instances where this Blog claims Hispanic politicians are bad and the reason given is that they are Hispanic.

See, respectful bloggers capitalize the "H" in the word "Hispanic". The prejudiced bloggers don't.

Anonymous said...

Get with the times...
LATINO is au currant not HISPANIC !

That's like still calling African Americans...Negroes

Anonymous said...

More WPIRA Lies.

THe "Billion Dollar" number is completely fabricated.

The city has budgeted 400 million for Land acquisition and remediation. This amount will be recouped from the developer when the land is ready for building.

georgetheatheist said...

Why can't an area of car junkyards be made artistically beautiful? Line the streets with brick pavers, plant trees, hanging plants for the poles, state-of-the-art street furniture, etc.

Rename it the Automotive Reconditioning Zone.

Anonymous said...

Nydia is brilliant! Imagine--a politician who is able to use common sense and accurately assess the situation and verbalize it to the powers that be. This woman is smart, has common sense and gets it. What a breath of fresh air! She is actually working FOR the people and the common good. I can't remember when we had an honest representative that put the people first instead of the almighty dollar. God Bless Nydia! We need more people in government like her.

Anonymous said...

Ah homes and condos and wait to see how long it takes before the residents and landlords
start complaining about the airplane noise and pollution from
LaGuardia. Willets Point is the ideal spot for junk parts dealers.....they are kind of hidden away but we know just where to go when we need that obscure
outdated auto part. Good for Lydia....she speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

"I think when it is all said and done, I will have made more money than I ever dreamed I would make," Bush told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. And he's making millions because the Ballpark at Arlington is a gigantic, taxpayer-supported, cash machine. Last year, Financial World magazine named the Ballpark the most profitable venue in baseball. Hicks didn't buy the Rangers because he wants Juan González's autograph. He bought them because he can make a lot of money at the stadium that George W. Bush takes credit for building.
In 1993, while walking through the stadium, Bush told the Houston Chronicle, "When all those people in Austin say, 'He ain't never done anything,' well, this is it." But Bush would have never gotten the
stadium deal off the ground if the city of Arlington had not agreed to use its power of eminent domain to seize the property that belonged to the Mathes family. And evidence presented in the Mathes lawsuit suggests that the Rangers' owners
remember that Bush was the managing general partner -- were conspiring to use the city's condemnation powers to obtain the thirteen-acre tract a full six months before the ASFDA was even created.
But then spoke out of his other hole about protecting people from eminent domain.