Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chronicle's big fuss over Muss

From the latest edition of the Queens Chronicle:

Article about term limits: 1009 words
Advertisement of latest mega-development project disguised as an article: 1496 words

Choice excerpt #1: In just one example, trees on the site that had to be felled were turned into mulch that Muss intends to reuse in the park. That regeneration, he said, creates a good “chi” — the circulating life force or energy flow that lies at the root of much traditional Chinese belief.

Oh man, I bet he said this with a straight face! I think this guy has a future on the City Council.

Choice excerpt #2: Muss added: “We believe strongly that having this much square footage, not to mention density — we’re putting a lot on a little piece of land — is that much better for the environment.”

And the added strain on schools, sewer and electrical systems will be just what is needed in Flushing, an area the developer called "so built out" in this very article. A big thank you from the rest of Queens is in order.

Choice excerpt #3: "On a clear day from here you can see New Jersey."

But every day, you can smell Flushing Creek!

Choice excerpt #4: The firm did not need any variances or changes of zone to build its 3.3-million-square-foot project on the 14-acre site, which it has owned since 1983. It just held the land and waited for it to be rezoned from industrial to residential and commercial.

This is exactly the kind of encouraged behavior that is causing problems for hometown manufacturers like Brooklyn Brewery. Thank you Mayor Bloomberg. Four more years!


Anonymous said...

But every day, you can smell Flushing Creek!

I don't envision seeing this place over-coming the toilet smells from the creek and bay, the noisy 7 train and Whitestone Expressway views. College Point Blvd is the dirtiest commercial roadway - public hosing is across the street - and of course the financial crises will not provide loans for the high prices the Muss familt will want for condos here.

Anonymous said... of Julia Harrison's chief supporters and campaign contributors!

"Good chi" my ass!

Obviously his project is geared to the backwardly superstitious Asian market.

Who else would consider living above a "reclaimed" toxic dump?

How's the feng shui aspect
of your development Mr. Muss?

Anonymous said...

Look urban China smells must be sampled to be understand.

That being said, the population these buildings are geared to will not mind the "ode" at Flushing creek at all.

Anonymous said...

Future generations will shake their heads in disbelief at our fawning attitude towards developers.