Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'Healthy' tree falls down

Hey, remember this story from a little over a month ago when the Parks Department said the tree was healthy?

Leaning trees cause concern

Here is an update from after yesterday's storm:

Despite Pleas From Briarwood Woman, Falling Tree Crushes Car

Parks still insists the tree was healthy. Of course, now it's firewood.


Anonymous said...

Watch the moron, Benepe. He'll now say that a healthy tree cannot be used as firewood.

He'll probably now demand an investigation into why the auto owner damaged the tree with the car.

He'll appoint Lewandowski as the chief investigator!

faster340 said...

F@#$% morons! I have been complaining about the so called "healthy" tree in front of my house and they still haven't done SHIT! They must be related to DOB cause they are just as F@#$$ stupid!

I even offered to have the tree taken down and have a NEW young tree planted at my own expense and they said NO! Even my neighbor offered to put a tree in front of his house where there is none because my block has only 1 tree which is front of my house and they still said NO. 2 tree's at NO cost to the city and they still say NO. F!@#$% bunch of moron's!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

King Bloomy demands a million trees for NYC. Private property be damned!

Anonymous said...

A fitting metaphor
for New York City's
(hidden) rotting economy!

But Mayor Bloomberg
(Wall Street "genius") didn't you say
that NYC was in good financial health? !!!