Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mystery boxes popping up in Bayside

"A few weeks ago I noticed this brown meta box installed on my block. On top of the post there is an antenna. I have no idea what it is. Any clue what it can be?
I asked someone else and they said they have seen more and more of them around but he doesn't know either. BTW this is located on 217 Street and Corbett Road in Bayside." - Andrew

Andrew, I have no idea. But maybe someone out there knows.


Anonymous said...

Is that in a crummy neighborhood near housing projects or near the water" ?

Judging buy its size and coax feedline its sure not your typical J-Pole omni 800Mhz -2Ghz WiFi antenna.

I beleive this is some kind of device that tracks gunshots and thing going at high rate of speed. They have that in Roosevelt and Hempstead Long Island however I never seen a photo of one.

It may also be a some kind of VHF repeater.
I noted the LGA flight paths have changed since mid summer. Jets make a racket from Manhasset and the whole North Shore.

Anonymous said...

You may have stumbled upon a piece of equipment that is part of a $500 million Homeland Security/Northrup Grumman communications system. I first learned about this when I observed four masts being erected on top of one of the New York Times printing plant buildings in College Point. It may be part of a communications system that is, in part, going to be used to link police, fire, and EMS personnel during emergencies.

During the spring of this year, I observed a crane at the NY Times site and called up CB#7 to find out what was being built but they knew nothing about this until my call alerted them to these installations. At first, the NY Times denied that anything new was being constructed but then admitted that antennas were being installed after I uploaded a video to YouTube showing the crane:
and the installed equipment:

The project has been covert save for a few presentations to community boards whose members do not have the time or expertise to ask appropriate questions about the impact of the equipment on the health and welfare of the citizenry. The 4 antennas on the NY Times printing plant would have probably gone unnoticed if I had not called this to the attention of Councilman Avella's office and the community board. Regarding the selection of the site, a NY Times printing plant representative wrote, “They (Northrop Grumman) were interested in a specific location at College Point to install an antenna that looks like a flagpole.” Why the disguise?

Apparently, this technology may not be as safe as we are being told and many people may be at risk by the microwave energies that the equipment emits. I believe that cameras are also part of the system and it creeps me out to think that we might be under observation by a bored camera operator who can use these devices to peek into apartments that are across the Whitestone Expressway, for example.

It is also alleged that the ELF frequencies can be used to alter moods and thoughts. At first I thought that this was science fiction until I started to research this on the internet and found many links including:

I have nothing against improving communications between the city's emergency service agencies but I get suspicious when it is done in a way that omits greater public input and awareness. This reeks of the "Big Brother" mindset. I hope that this lengthy contribution is useful to you and I look forward to seeing what information you receive about the newly installed antenna. However, be prepared for stalling and deception that will more than likely occur should you choose to pursue this mystery.

Anonymous said...

Whatever that thing is judging from the size of both RF feeder cable between the tranceiver box and antenna it transmits some serious RF power and not just for emergencies.

Why a Con Ed Kilowatt hour electric meter and not a bank of deep cycle batterys ?

Yeah community board members dont know ther eass from there elbow let alone Milliwatts VS RF Kilowatts ERP.

Two things are for sure:
1-It contains a very powerful transmitter

2-The antenna is an omnidirectional with no horizon directing grounding radials. Its RF is hitting eveything around it.

Why a Con Ed Kilowatt hour Power meter if its just for "Emergencys" ?

.....another covert duping in Queens

Anonymous said...

Guys, that coax looks like 1/2 heliax inside a conduit - I'll go look at the box they put up 2 blocks from my house, but I will say that most "Normal" coax is 1/2" - the thinher stuff is only used for mobile installations (Don't judge it on the RG-6 you use for TV - 75 Ohm cable (RG-6) is not the same as 50 ohn stuff (RG-8, RG213, LMR400 etc)

In addition to the 1/2 cable being a "standard" size, sometime it's used not for RF out, but RF IN - less signal loss.

I'll also ask some fellow hams, some of whom work for the city what they know

Anonymous said...

The project has been covert save for a few presentations to community boards whose members do not have the time or expertise to ask appropriate questions about the impact of the equipment on the health and welfare of the citizenry.

You hit the nail on the head with community boards.

I will think about this all day. Crappy, how about a thead on this...?

Anonymous said...

I brought my concerns about the newly installed microwave antennas on the Times printing plant to the attention of CB#7. In the past, I was treated very well by the board's hierarchy and received invitations to committee meetings as well as general meetings. I was even allowed to video record the proceedings. Last year, I discovered that the huge expansion taking place at the New York Times printing plant was unknown to elected officials and the board of College Point until I called it in.

After several meetings, it seemed to me that the board was not going to censure the NYC EDC, the mayor's office, or any other government agency for this slight. I was flabbergasted! Imagine how I felt a little over a year later to see a crane erecting the towers for the microwave equipment and once again, contrary to promises made by representatives of the NY Times and the EDC, this was not reported to Councilman Tony Avella's office or the community board.

I attended a general membership meeting of CB#7 on a Monday night a few months ago. I signed up to speak and waited through the entire proceedings before I got a chance to express my concerns about the new installations and the potential negative impact on the Mitchell-Linden community regarding health and potential unwanted surveillance. I made it clear that this was of great concern but not only were my comments all but ignored, Mr. Kelty reprimanded me when the meeting ended because he perceived that my remarks slighted the board??!?!!?

I have had the highest respect for CB#7 and know that the management and staff do their best with the resources at hand to handle the unusually heavy workload created by an ever growing community. However, when I make an effort to contribute to the knowledge base of the board members and am met with such attitude, I cannot in good conscience allow this to happen without making my concerns publicly known.

The reason for my aggressive stance on this matter stems from growing health concerns that, in the last few weeks, have worsened. This includes the discovery of a profusion of cysts and lesions on both kidneys and erratic blood counts where platelet counts have dramatically risen and lowered to extreme highs and lows. My physicians are puzzled but when I read literature about the effects of microwave radiation on the human body, it made me think that a request for help in researching this issue to see if a link exists should not be dismissed so easily.

The reason why my health is monitored carefully is that I was diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera (a treatable blood cancer) in 2003 and while researching the condition, I came across evidence that indicated that this might have been environmentally induced. Along with a plethora of other medical conditions that came along with that diagnosis, I began to advocate for a health study for Queens but the only elected officials to take me seriously were Councilman Avella and State Senator Padavan but their efforts on my behalf fell on deaf ears.

Senator Hillary Clinton's treated me with the greatest of disrespect. It got so bad that I actually recorded some of my calls to her Manhattan office! As you can see, I have a lot of pent up frustration that needed an outlet to vent.

The fact that other people are noticing things that do not seem right like the mysterious antenna in Bayside or jet contrails that do not dissipate as expected provide hope that I am not the only one who senses that something is amiss.

Here is my YouTube video of Mayor Bloomberg's reaction to my question about the health of people in this area in 2004:

Anonymous said...

Just in case you might want to see additional concerns about Polycythemia Vera (PV) and how an area in western Pennsylvania is dealing with a verified cluster of the condition:

Please pay careful attention as I have discovered that there are clusters of PV in Queens County!!!!! Out of a population of 2.3 million people, the statistics would indicate around 20-25 people in the borough should be diagnosed with PV and yet I personally found over 200 by calling various medical offices and hospital hematology departments and I barely scratched the surface. Scary, huh? Perhaps my coming forward in this manner may finally bring this to the attention of the right people, whoever they might be...

Anonymous said...

Coax looks ribbed where it comes out of the conduit, could be LDF4.5 ?
Its almost a wide as the connector it may be 5/8 of an inch or larger.

That sucker at HI UHF or microwave frequencys has an Isotropic ERP greater then my SB220/inverted L @ 20 or 50KW WFAN on Hart Island at 1000 feet

Anonymous said...

Tinfoil hats, anyone?

Complete nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Naa, There appears to be some General and Extra + Class Hams and other here.

They cant talk much about the Goverment or risk loosing there licences.
Im not a lawyer but having a licence pre-empts certail laws.
I whistle blowers in this situation have to post call signs to be taken seriously.
...No tin hats, these things (with no call letters or ID on the box's) are some kind of experimental project!!!

Anonymous said...

Polycythemia Vera, also lukeemia caused by RF...It's no Joke !!

Art Bell had a show about this I was a caller !!!

Back in the day we stayed up 2 days to see The Who and Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock.

Its beleived the EL34 power tubes in Pete Townshend and Jimmys banks of Marshall amplifiers had plate chokes and a RF inputs to the driver 12AX7s.

Even then they could shoot amplified low frequency RF mind waves at the audience using the speaker voice coils as loop antennas.
(Many years later I would work for John Entwistle. John would confirm Pete was always doing "crazy experiments" and had some weird wired Marshall and Hywatt amps with extra inputs in the back)

At Woodstock all of us remember seeing flashing lights, UFO's and naked woman that night and we DID NOT take any drugs !!
Abby Hoffman lost his mind in the stage wings then some poor guy climbed the lighting tower and tried to jump off. (thaught he was bird)

Didnt Jimmy Hendrix always wear steel heel boots, tin headband and lots of grounding chain and bling ?


Anonymous said...

Get out the tin foil hats! EL34 power tubes and 12AX7 dual triodes are (actually, were, except for the current niche that still prefers tube audio) common tubes in the 50s through 80s. They were used for audio not RF wavelengths. EL34 tubes were sometimes used as transmitter drivers, but they were pushing AF signals. 12AX7 tubes were used in the intermediate frequency stages of RF gear but only for IF signals. The sister tubes of the 12AX7s, 12AT7 and 12AU7, especially the latter were sometimes used in RF circuits, but with a severe loss of amplification factor.

Anonymous said...

Is that what these are? Why would they be putting up 1980s technology in 2008?

Anonymous said...

In the 70's some guy would make 10 meter Linear with EL34s to talk to all our friends who kept moving to Long Island on the CB

We could have used sweep tubes but Radio Shack had these cheap but nice chasses, real transmitter RF plate chokes and Sweep tubes were expensive.

My grandfather had garbage cans full of pulled Radio-TV tubes and knobs.

The EL34/6CA7 was one tube you could ground all the grids together and run grounded grid off garbage TV transformers, $1 Radio Shack chokes.
EL34/6CA7's were $3.00 at Lennys Green Tele Radio at the time.

The toughest part was the trip down to Canal St Barry Electronics to hunt for plate tuning capacitors and relays with a 10k coil for the 6AQ5 keyer tube.

30-40 watts was all you needed, build them neat with some shielding they ran very clean with little TVI. Tank coil was 9 turns of wall wire #14 or 16 around a C battery

It turned out by accident the plate was so closed to the input from the relay the EL34 homebrew self neutralized for a perfect current dip at full output!

Around 2 hours to build with a nibbling tool and Greenlee punch set.

I saw one of those old homebrews still kicking after 30+ years on Ebay !!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who Con Ed is billing for the power and how much is the bill for these things. That may tell you how much power these devices are emitting unless they transmit intermittently.

It's disturbing that nobody seems to know who put them there and for what purpose.

I'd also like to know about the tall poles going up adjacent to all of the highways in Queens like at the Clearview Expy & Grand Central Parkway interchange.

Anonymous said...

tall poles going up adjacent to all of the highways in Queens

Phase II of HAARP
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Anonymous said...

Phase 2 of the HAARP grid mapping