Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How do we have money for this?


The NYPD is looking for a marketing company to help launch a $40 million recruitment blitz, The Post has learned.

Now that its entry-level pay has soared to more than $40,000, the department is gearing up for a wide-ranging campaign to lure recruits, spending $8 million over the next five years, according to a request for proposals issued by the city last week.

The NYPD wants an advertising agency to develop a television, radio and Internet recruitment drive that would include:

* A 17-week media strategy in the Big Apple and metro area to coincide with a round of exams late next year into 2010.

* A two-week media crusade in the Boston area to promote an off-site exam to be given next November at the University of Massachusetts.

* A two-week campaign promoting an exam at the Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, NC.

Spokesman Paul Browne said the NYPD's contract with its latest ad agency, the Bernard Hodes Group, had expired. The Hodes agency said its policy was not to comment on the bidding process.


Anonymous said...

...And this will get us...what, more crew-cut numbskulls such as that "hero" who just couldn't wait for an air mattress so he tasered an unarmed man who fell to his death.

Well, let's see. his family will sue for 20-50 million? They will probably collect around $10-12m. The City shells out several hundred million in settlements from police abuse/misconduct cases each year, so what's another $8 million, after all it's for heros!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are looking for a few more recruits like the two brave cops who confronted an armed suspect tonight at the 21 Street/Queensbridge subway station, and got shot for their efforts.
If you think that you can handle that, or if you think that you can make better split-second decisions than the so-called "crew-cut numbskull", or his highly decorated Lieutenant, who took his own life over the whole matter, then this recrutment drive is for you. If not, than just keep your unappreciative asshole of a mouth shut about things you know nothing about. You narrow-minded jackass.

Anonymous said...

"his highly decorated Lieutenant, who took his own life over the whole matter'

Ahh the PBA Braintrust is in the house.

That incident was a disgrace. Period.

An air mattress had been summoned but rather then awaiting it's arrival our "hero" cop decided that a naked man armed with a fluorescent bulb was too great a threat.

The "purp" -to use your term, was standing on a narrow top of a roll-down gate some 11 feet above the pavement. The result would have been obvious to anyone except a crew-cut numb skull.

The shoe fits, now the City will pay for it.

Some 300 million annually paid to settle claims against out heroes.

Anonymous said...

OK Lino, first off, I believe the word is perp, not purp. And for your information, I also happen to be completely against any multi-million dollar recruitment drive. The test for police officer used to attract tens of thousands every time it was given, without the benefit of a huge recruitment drive. Usually, word of mouth and a few advertisements in the Chief would have been sufficient
When the city allowed the police officer salary to drop behind neighboring jurisdictions, the cost of living in NYC all but destroyed the feasibility of joining the NYPD and living above the poverty line. Now, with a much more atractive starting and top salary, combined with the current economic crisis, the NYPD is a more attractive option than ever. I don't know why the city feels the need to advertise the job, it will sell itself.

Anonymous said...

Lino, your assessment of the entire taser incident is completely off base. lLt me remind you that while the cops were waiting for the air mattress, this naked nutjob was swinging a long floescent bulb at the officers. Two of the officers were on the stairs of the fire escape, as high up, if not higher, than your naked martyr/hero. Naked boy was swinging the jagged edge of the bulb at the officers, creating the risk of the officers getting cut by the bulb, or worse, falling from the same height that killed your boy. Ever hear of Officer Vincent Guidice, who was killed at a family dispute after he was pushed into a mirror that cut through one of his arteries? Sounds like a dangerous situation for the cops to me. Apparently, these cops WERE facing an immediate threat to their life, and that is why the Lieutenant gave the order. The time had come where someone was going to come down the hard way, and the Lieutenant, God rest his soul, made sure that it wasn't going to be his cops. He made the right decision, and was thrown under a bus for it by cowardly Monday morning quarterback like yourself.

Anonymous said...

We all saw the video. What the cop did was wrong. Period.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, those cops did this city a big favor. This was no innocent victim. That psycho would have eventually killed someone. Somewhere out there is a person walking around blissfully unaware that their life was spared by letting this guy's head meet concrete.

Anonymous said...

"Two of the officers were on the stairs of the fire escape, as high up, if not higher, than your naked martyr/hero."

Please, stop embarassing yourself, I have seen the raw video of this incident, the "heros" on that fire escape were in no danger from that nut.

This was what it appeared, a stupid overaction by people whose training or common sense failed them.

Now the city will have to shell out millions to this nut's family.

Anonymous said...

Oh really genius? You don't think being poked at with a long florescent bulb while you are about 15 feet above the ground isn't a potentially dangerous situation? If it was so dangerous for the naked nut to be up so high, then it was dengerous for the cops as well. The difference is that they were there to help him, and he only seemed interested in either slashing them with the bulb, or causing them to lose their balance. I saw the "raw footage" as well, and nothing on it will ever change my mind that this guy had to be immediately taken out. Waiting for an air mattress may only have cost at least one of those cops their lives.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they take that $40 mil and raise salaries instead?!

Anonymous said...

".....nothing on it will ever change my mind that this guy had to be immediately taken out"

AW geez Archie, I dunno. Dat guy was standin' butt nekkid on a ledge less thana foot wide, dem cops was on a fire escape stairs wit a handrail and several steps above him.

Face it genius, if this ever gets to a jury of -average- intelligence (sorry about that woid Arch) they'll give that nut's survivors the keys to the bank.

It won't likely get to a jury, the City will settle as it does in thousands of cases each year and add this to $300M+ paid to make our "heros" misdeeds go away.

Sorry for hurtin' ya brain Arch.