Sunday, October 26, 2008

An open letter to the City Council

To all Council members voting "No",

In the wake of what has happened in the recent weeks, I must say that I honor your decision to vote against the term limit extension. When I saw the tally in the news, I searched the list for you first and was quite thrilled to see that you did not change your mind and that you voted the right way.

When the mayor introduced the bill to the council, I figured, as well as many others, that he was taking on a losing battle. In the beginning stages, many people thought the mayor would be a good fit for the third term. Many local news reports showed people talking about how he wants to see what is best for the city and does not want to leave it in distress. Seeing some of the good things he has done, I thought that he should get the chance for another four years.

Then the mayor started playing games. People quickly picked up what he was doing and begun to question his authority (I certainly did). How was it that the current incumbent mayor could tell the city’s governing body to extend his term? What is the deal with that? I immediately became outraged at this. Quickly, people began to say that WE should decide the mayors fate, in addition to the current term-limited council members. This, as you know, started the political lobbying and buy-outs from the mayor and his crew, all of which is on the taxpayer’s bill. One by one, a council member would turn his/her position on the extension. I’m sure this was done shortly after the mayors crew bought them out, by guaranteeing them certain funds for a project in their district. The roads will certainly be paved with pork now.

On Thursday, this certainly was the day that democracy died here in the greatest city in the world. Bill Thompson definitely put it the best and he has my vote for mayor come 2009. How is it that 51 people of a governing body can decide on extending their own time in office! Why is it that the mayor can now get the chance for another four years? It should have been up to the people.You, and all of your constituents should have had enough of a voice to turn to the mayor and say “you know what, let our people decide this matter. After all, they voted us in and I feel they should decide if I am going to get another four years in office, not myself.”

I am very disappointed in the entire city council. Fifty-one people of a governing body should not speak for over 7 million taxpayers and voters, especially those who elected you to fill those seats. I must say that this bill is by far the worst bill you passed in the last 7 years of this administration.

Alex Maureau


Anonymous said...

Bloomie is a deceitful, arrogant, conniving bully.

The best punishment will be to lose the election next year. and go down in history as a loser. The farce he and Quinn pulled will haunt his campaign next year.


Anonymous said...


The day democracy died
in the city council!

Remember the jellyfish...
those shady council members...
and of course "Hizzoner" himself
in 2009!

Don't forget to VOTE THEM ALL OUT
onto the streets where they belong!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to VOTE THEM ALL OUT
onto the streets where they belong!

sure, with the $100 ad campaign that will buy the media, half the city asleep and the other half tweeded, and the preservation community secure within their little world, nothing will happen.