Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Don't get snaked by fake sewer fix

Homeowners are spending thousands of dollars on sewer "liners," which are illegal in the city and ultimately cause more problems, licensed plumbers and city officials warned.

Sewer liners are made of fiberglass and are installed inside existing pipes. The fiberglass narrows the flow, eventually causing more blockages and backups for neighbors who share a sewer line, licensed plumbers said.

More than a dozen ads in the phone book tout the illegal service.

One Brooklyn homeowner (pictured) spent more than $7,000 on liners only to find out they didn't work.

Real plumbers warn of illegal 'fix-up'

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Anonymous said...

A good heads up. Thx. Everywhere we turn we are bombarded by chimney cleaners, HVAC people,window replacementers,plumbers.If you call them they may send someone who is convincing, and on the day of the job see what workers you get.Always ask neighbors for recommendations. My wife and I want to make our house more energy efficient, but we can't find a boiler repair person we can really trust.Yet.

Part of the problem, I have to admit, is we all want a cheap job. There are good repairpeople out there who know their job and want a fair contract. I've learned a few things from some the good ones who are open and willing to give good advice. They are professionals. Not everyone is a crook, I guess.