Friday, October 31, 2008

Avella tells Bloomberg off

No one can accuse City Councilman Tony Avella of not speaking his mind. Mr. Avella, a Democrat from Queens, released a statement on Thursday to inform the public about his conversation earlier in the day with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg that centered on the contentious issue of term limits.

The councilman said that Mr. Bloomberg had called him to discuss last week’s vote by the City Council, which passed a bill sponsored by the mayor to extend the city’s term limit laws. Mr. Avella, who had been an ardent opponent of the bill, said that the mayor had called him to offer his rationale for seeking a third term and asking the councilman to consider the matter from his perspective.

“While I appreciate receiving Mr. Bloomberg’s phone call, I told him that what he did was clearly a disgrace,” Mr. Avella said.

“Although he tried to rationalize his actions by providing voters with a choice, I told him he can justify his own actions however he wants; but what he did was still wrong and he dealt a fatal blow to democracy in this city.”

Avella Takes the Mayor’s Call


Anonymous said...

The writer George Orwell could never have written such twisted "arguments" such as Commissar Death and Taxes makes.

"Repeal of Choice is Better Choice".

Compare this with the argument for the elimination of the secret ballot in union organizing.

Elimination of the secret ballot is called "Employee Free Choice Act". How "free choice" is absent with a secret ballot and is present with a public ballot is a mystery.

The Commissar has advertised his hatred for democracy and simple honesty with his manipulation of the timing and wording of his plans to cling to power. Like Hugo Chavez, or Castro, or Robert Mugabe, or Kim-Jung Il. Like a Commissar.

Tony Avella, God bless him, has demonstrated a strength of character that shows the Commissar, Quinn, and the rest of the council (with some few exceptions, such as Diana Reyna) as the grubby, puny and little people they are. Does Quinn hand out "For Sale" or "For Rent" placards for council members to wear as issues are considered?

Keep going Tony. There are many New Yorkers who can recognize good character when they see it.

You deliver what so many of us need: simple, straight talk.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Tony!

You've got class as well as integrity.

Although I'll miss you as my councilman, you've certainly
got my vote for mayor.

I suspect that Bloomberg is running a little scared that the voters will not forget how he trampled all over their will and undermined democracy in NYC.

It's also a little too late for Mayor Mike's backpedaling to enlist the cooperation of those council members who had the conviction to stand up to his willful arrogance!

Anonymous said...

A Councilmember with actual integrity. It's like almost unheard of.
Hey Bloomie, why don't you take some notes from Avella.
Tony, I hope you win the election next year and send this worthless billionaire on his way.

Anonymous said...

Buh-bye, Tony. As if you have any shot at being Mayor! What a joke. See ya, hate to be ya.

Anonymous said...

Who is that? Bloomie himself? Holy crap. I didn't know he perused Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

"with some few exceptions, such as Diana Reyna"

I believe she voted for the extension of term limits. What has she done to win your respect, taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

No "Italian girl",
Natzli Parvisi his CAU commissioner/flunky
performs that service for

Anonymous said...

90% of politicans give the other 10% a bad name.

just think,this guy will be replaced by a vallone some day.

Anonymous said...


Why bother posting if you're so sure that Avella doesn't have the chance of a snowball in hell and Bloomberg's got it made in the shade?


you're not so very sure of yourself or the final outcome at all!

The times they are a changing and Avella speaks the peoples' message.
It ain't over 'til it's over.
That's what makes a horse race!

A little example
for you pitiful political pundits:

Whoever thought that presidential candidate like Obama would have gotten this far ahead in the game so far?

We'll see who wins both races.

The people are still running their country from the voting booths until the day that despots like Bloomberg and Bush put their own armies on the streets and mercenary police at the polling places!

Anonymous said...

""with some few exceptions, such as Diana Reyna"

I believe she voted for the extension of term limits. What has she done to win your respect, taxpayer?"

My regrets. I just verified; you are correct. My error stems from confusing her opposition to eminent domain with the term limits question.

Anonymous said...

The cowardly pink granny molester, Dennis P. Gallagher is in the building.