Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cardinal confims he's not a Como fan

From the Daily Politics:

"If those quotes on the picture are meant to suggest that Cardinal Egan said that, he did not," said Archdiocese of New York spokesman Joseph Zwilling after I e-mailed him a jpeg of the lit.

"I'm not sure where that quote is from, but it's not from Cardinal Egan," Zwilling continued. "We think the picture may have been taken out at a high school in Queens. He had his picture taken by a lot of people that day, as he does everywhere he goes.

But the quote is not something Cardinal Egan said. Certainly I think people know we don't endorse candidates; we've made that clear innumberable times."

Church and State?

So now it looks like Anthony needs to make an appointment at a local confessional.


Anonymous said...

Please, he went to Christ the King -- doesn't that say it all? If he were smart, he would've went to Regis, or Xaverian or St. Francis Prep. Heck, even Molloy.

Anonymous said...


that's what happens when you re-hire Gallagher's merry band of white trash misfits.

Misquoting a cardinal.. embarrassing himself and the church. A new low for Como and Team Pinky!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Anthony, there's always room for you down here with me !!!

Anonymous said...


It is nice, though, to see a resurgance in belief when it comes to denials by the Catholic Church.

Looking closely, the picture was taken after Como was on the Council- he's wearing the lapel pin.

Other than that, it's all about the ellipses (...)

Egan only had to say those words on a given day for the "quote to be accurate."

I want to know the context.

I'd still rather see him than Crowley in office, however.

Anonymous said...

Como needs to say 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Mary's, and then go up to the Rectory for the rest of his penance.

Anonymous said...

it would appear that the photo was taken at st. helen's...or st. helen something...the only church/school with that name in NYC comes up in howard beach...

Anonymous said...

Como's a Republican? His deceptive propaganda tactics would make Joe Stalin proud!

Confession is too easy for this schmuck. I recommend wearing a hairshirt and thrice daily self flagellation for 40 days. Some fasting would also reduce his wide girth.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the fattest bride and groom picture I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

It was taken at St. Helen's in Howard Beach about a week or two ago announcing funding for parochial schools.

georgetheatheist said...

If I lived in Como's district, I just might vote for him - I like a guy with a set of brass ones. Wanna bet that if Crowley had a photo of herself with Egan, that mug shot would have been on her lit? Como aced Crowley big time.

Now if Egan and the Diocese had brass ones, they'd get the Church to sue Como. Or maybe excommunicate him?

Has Bill Donohue of the Catholic League chimed in on this yet?

Anonymous said...

Como you're busted!

Anonymous said...

Kerri Steinmuller, how's the old man treating you?

Anonymous said...

"Please, he went to Christ the King -- doesn't that say it all? If he were smart, he would've went to Regis, or Xaverian or St. Francis Prep. Heck, even Molloy."

That may be part of Como's defense. He is a Christ the King alum. Or could it be that he's hanging around with the likes of Maltese, Ognibene and Gallagher?

If people didn't see it before they'll see it now. Como is a certified jackass. Did someone actually look at this Como palm card and say, hey this is good.

Is Como that dumb as to try and pull this BS. He was caught lying again. It will come back and haunt him. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Make that 500 Apostles' Creeds
(recited slowly) instead of 500 Hail Marys for Como's penance father confessor!

That should keep Tony the mortal sinner well occupied for at least
1/2 a day!

Anonymous said...

Picture was taken about 2 weeks ago at St. Helen's School in Howard Beach- not in Como's district, but in Addabbo's- right when a weekly newspaper called Como's puppet master Serfie to task for shortchanging that area for years. Serfie magicked up 20K for a parochial school forthwith. Como was apparently tagging along for the photo op. Only 5K from Serfie to public schools in that zip code. So much for separation of church and state.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Como will forever be branded a liar. And it's not hard to figure out why he's taking the dishonorable road in politics. He's getting lessons in deception from that grandmother rapist Dennis Gallagher, who has been seen going in and out of his office.

Anonymous said...

don't forget that como's office is staffed with kerri steinmuller, lyn metzger and jake lasala. that trio of misfits should not be allowed in any public service job.