Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad vibrations in Jackson Heights

"What is wrong with this picture? I am sitting in the back bedroom of my house on 76th Street in Jackson Heights, between 31st Ave and 32nd Ave. As each huge truck (often times tractor trailers) or Atlantic City tour bus races up the block illegally, I can feel my desk & chair VIBRATE along with the rest of my house. Also, the daily delivery run of the Raja Foods truck from the Indian Grocery on 31st Ave, between 75th & 76th Streets. TRUCKS & BUSES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THIS STREET AS AN EASYWAY TO NORTHERN BLVD -- THEY ARE REQUIRED TO USE 69th ST OR 82nd ST ONLY !!!!! I am sick of my house rattling and shaking every time one of these oversized vehicles decides to take a dangerous and illegal shortcut coming out of the Jackson Heights (Dantes) Shopping Center. Get NYPD or DOT out here and make it stop............. They've already caused 3 water main breaks in the last 5 yrs......... What next? My house slips off its foundation??? A child or elderly person is killed when an oversize vehicle flips trying to make those 2 quick sharp turns??? This street is NOT properly reinforced for heavy truck & bus traffic, and it is a real hazard to all of us who live here. They have caused yet another cave-in on 76th Street between 31st Ave and 32nd Ave, near the 32nd Ave end of the block. Thank you." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

I worked rock tours.

Those Provost coaches are running the AUX generators !
The main engins dont make that resonant frequency
Question is why ?

Mobile bordillos ?

Anonymous said...

Write to all the newspapers.

Write to all your elected officals.

Write to your community board.

Then let us know their response. We will keep this in the public view.

Note to others out there: write to Crappy and let us know your problem.

Some of us are not developers, some of us are not the tweeded.

Just because we are not these things does not give the system reason to ignore us.

Anonymous said...

I know the area well and in my neck of the woods, on my block - the regulation do not permit trucks passage unless a delivery is made. Needless to say every truck in Queens is passing my house. If Bloomberg wants to raise money the easy way (I say it's like shooting fish in a barrel) then have the Parking enforcement or Police Dept take turns for an hour a day throughout the city on these streets to give truckers tickets! The city would cleanup - in the same effort stop and ticket all the high decible noise radios some cars play as well.