Monday, October 27, 2008

Collection of term limits articles

NY1: Opponents Of Term Extensions Vow Repercussions Following Council Vote

Crain's: Commentary: Bloomberg won—or did he?

1010WINS: NYC mayor's re-election bid to start next year

NY Times: Bloomberg Defends Term-Limits Change

Room Eight: Coming Next - No Term Limits At All

NY1: Bloomberg Calls For Unity Following Term Limits Vote

Daily News: Mayor Michael Bloomberg: No hard feelings in term-limits battle

Daily News: Opponents of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's planned third term run head to court

Crain's: Mayor's critics will keep heat on


Anonymous said...

Id like to be unified in pointing out this guy is trying out his Orwelian speak, double talk nonsense just enough to wonder about his sanity.Obama made fun of you at that Waldorf A. dinner about forcing third terms and you laughed because you know your full of it bloomie.

Anonymous said...

Here's my brain storm: instead of running around being negative about a 3rd term as Mayor for Bloomie, let's be positive and mount a campaign for him as the next Treasury Secretary, no matter who is elected. Country first, city second-- his expertise is needed to save the US economy, and that will help save NYC's economy. You are welcome to add any eyewash you think would also sound convincing, or at least like we're truly convinced. The best way to keep him off the ballot in 11/09 is to put him in DC in 1/09.

Anonymous said...

He won't want that. Not enough face time.

Anonymous said...

Lets be positive about luxury condos and high rises because that serves us well and hes a master of poker being from Wall st.