Monday, October 27, 2008

Allegations of cat starvation at Sunnyside stores

Anita DiSarli organized a rally in Sunnyside Saturday to alert the public to what she calls a problem of animal abuse by some area store managers.

Queens Residents Allege Mistreatment Of Cats By Storeowners

She says they house cats, but intentionally keep food away from them so they will be more eager to catch mice.

"They starve cats; they don't feed them," said DiSarli. "You can shop anywhere else but the 99-cent store and National Liquidators."

DiSarli was one of two women who recently rescued a cat named Mickey from a 99-cent store on Queens Boulevard.

DiSarli says when they got the four-year old cat his eyes were barely open. Her veterinarian told her the cat's eyes were only part of the problem.

"She said they are a little jaundiced. He's been indoors night and day and they use him strictly as a mouser," DiSarli said the vet told her. "They do not feed him."

The owner of the 99-cent store denied that he kept cats in the store. But an employee confirmed that he gave DiSarli the cat.


Anonymous said...

Theres way too many of these ignorant shits doing this to the cats in the stores, delis, etc.Ive fed a few skinny ones in Astoria on 30th ave and 34st at a deli.And little news alert, Petland discounts is a big joke because they get all their puppies from a puppy mill and then they keep them locked up in a fiberglass box.Theres new pet stores popping up that are better to support.

Anonymous said...

A actor harms a cat and its front page news. Wealthy shop keepers torture and kill animals and it takes the courage of a few good individuals for someone to notice. Send a message to store owners that if they harm animals we will not shop there period, Money talks. And how about the ASPCA, where is there interest?

Anonymous said...

Someone harms a cat and they get front page news and time in jail.

Destroy a community and you get an award.

Anonymous said...

"Someone harms a cat and they get front page news and time in jail.

Destroy a community and you get an award."

This is so true!

But destroying a community is more in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

hell this is nothing compared to how the animals seem to be treated in the neighborhood pet stores, esp that one on 46th near QB that is always blasting that house music.

Anonymous said...

I know that animal abuse is something to be concerned about, but I couldn't believe how LONG this report went on for when I saw it on NY1's 'Queens News' last night. Nearly 5 minutes which really should have been spent on more important issues. NY1 is too cowardly to hold anyone responsible for their actions with more clout than a slightly retarded shopkeeper, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Come on people.Your actually complaining that there was a measley 5 minutes about this story and NYC has one of the worst records for treating animals.The ASPCA has there hands full but im sure they would like to know about it.Many people around here try to get the homeless cats off the street but the population is overwhelming.Front page news???I think not .Overreacting a bit?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone care that a young girl was beaten to death by her mother with a mop handle? And that the ACS already had investigated the family but nothing came of it? You cannot tell me there weren't neighbors around who knew what was going on. But starving cats get more air time on the news and more people rallying for them. What the fuck is wrong with people?

Anonymous said...

Theres more brutal human news, on the news every night and every day.Hands down.Not even a question.