Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Queens kids go to school

Interesting map over at Gothamist, which relates to a story in the NY Times about absenteeism:

In Bayside, Queens, a middle-class neighborhood with many single-family homes, about 5 percent of students in kindergarten through fifth grade were chronically absent, compared with 30 percent of those in the Morrisania section of the Bronx, where there are several public housing projects.

Such shocking news!


Anonymous said...

How are elementary school kids supposed to get to school when their crackhead moms can't get out of bed? These kids have much bigger problems than getting to school on time, if at all. At best, many of these kids are completely neglected. I don't even want to get into the worst.

Until these folks clean up their acts and stop having 4 or 5 kids starting at 15 years old, there will be no hope. It's up their community leaders (religious etc) to help these people out. They do not have good, supportive families around them and therefore make bad decisions. Many of them are so set in this welfare lifestyle, they see no way out. Some politician down South has it right. Voluntary sterilization is the right way to go for some of these people. Let's face it, some people out there should NOT have kids. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Eugenics rears it's ugly head once more.

I agree there is a problem with parental neglect. But is this the best answer we have? Before sterilization is proposed, I think one should read about the eugenics programs of the 20's and 30's examine our conscience. This is not some place we want to return to.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet 2 things - having NOT looked at the stats
1)the districts with low absenteeism also have high test scores

2)I'll also be that there is a high correlation with single parent housholds - Parents come in sets of TWO for a reason

Anonymous said...

In other shocking news, the Vatican revealed the next pope will be Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Gary & Toby will do anything to meke the jobs of their constituent teach union nice and easy!