Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shocked on term limits

(open letter to City Councilmen Comrie, White and Sanders)
Dear Councilmen Leroy Comrie, Tom White and James Sanders:

I am shocked and outraged at Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s arrogant attempt to hijack the democratic process by declaring unabashedly and in contradiction of the will of the voters of New York City, that he should have a third term “to save the city.”

As an African-American, I am painfully aware of the bloody and extreme measures used to disenfranchise our ancestors in the Jim Crow south and in many Caribbean nations.

The people’s right to vote, and to have their vote count and be respected, is basic to our Democracy and deeply ingrained in our Constitution.

Additionally, I am disturbed at the Mayor’s concerted effort to manipulate our independent City Councilby arm-twisting and inappropriate — if not unethical - tactics.

I now call upon you to reject this power grab, and to uphold the trust of the voters here in southeast Queens who twice voted for term limits.

I am supportive of the efforts of some council members who have filed a bill that would require a referendum where the voters of this great city decide if term limits should be changed.

Elmer Blackburne
Democratic District Leader
29th Assembly District, Part B

The three stooges all voted "yes".

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Anonymous said...

of course they voted yes. Sanders and Comrie will be out of work by the end of next year if term limits were enforced. White knows what it is like to have term limits force you out for an election cycle. Without term limits they all stand the chance of being reelected for their council seats for the next thirty years like the majority of pre 2001 council members.