Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The many lies of Michael R. Bloomberg

Direct quotes from Mayor Michael Bloomberg:

"The public has spoken twice through referendums, and I think that if the public changes its mind, the public has a right to do so. I would oppose any change in the law that a legislative body tries to make. It seems to me that democracy has been given a chance, and we should live with the results." –- February 2002

"At a time of excessive cynicism about so many of our institutions, I believe that elected officials should seek at every opportunity to maintain and enhance the trust of the citizens… I believe it is simply inappropriate for those members elected in 1997, who were aware of the rules under which they were elected, to seek to change those rules in a manner that may work to their own advantage." -- August 2002

"My experience in business has been, whenever we've had somebody who was irreplaceable, their successor invariably did a better job, and I think change is good. Yes, you throw out an occasional good person, but you also throw out a lot of people who have just gotten stale and take it for granted, haven't had any new ideas, so on balance I've always been a believer in term limits." -- 2006

"If the bill were to change term limits from two to three, I would have to think long and hard about it." -- September 9, 2008

After months of speculation about his political future, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg plans to announce on Thursday morning that he will seek a third term as mayor, according to three people who have been told of his plans. The extraordinary move promises to upend New York City’s political world. -- September 30, 2008

Term limits were good enough to remove Giuliani after 9/11 (what got your ass in office in the first place) and it's good enough to get rid of you now.


Anonymous said...

well i guess we just have to vote for someone else then?

Anonymous said...

He'll win in a landslide; and richly deserves it. Go Bloomberg!!!

Anonymous said...

the people love Bloomberg

Give the people what they want.!!

Anonymous said...

No one said the people want Bloomberg. After 9/11, Giuliani had a 90% approval rating and yet 55% didn't want term limits changed to extend his term.

Bloomberg is no different.

italian girl said...

Someone please make Bloomie go away.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Bloomberg will be back. The city won't fall apart now, we can weather the upcoming economic decline, and get back to making progress as soon as possible.

I know this is sad news for the Archie Bunkers of the world, but it is good news for those of us that don't want the city to go back to the way it was during the Dinkins era.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you forgot that Bloomberg actively courted the Archie Bunker vote - twice. We'll happily be the ones who vote him out.

Guess what? He is no demi-God. He said himself he is not irreplaceable. He's just facing the prospect of having to leave the public eye and can't deal with it.

I'll take any of the current crop over this asshole any day.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's stooges are posting with vigor this evening. I guess he pays overtime.

Anonymous said...

From the NY Post: "Bloomberg himself vetoed a bill in 2002 that would have extended the terms for some officials. At the time, he said the proposed law was wrong because it amounted to changing the rules for personal political gain."

What happened?

Anonymous said...

What happened is that no one wanted him for president.

Anonymous said...

"He'll win in a landslide; and richly deserves it."

Why does he "deserve" it? He wallows in mediocrity.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but November 2009 is more than a year away. The economy will very likely improve by then. Let's not fall for this garbage.

Why didn't the all-knowing Mr. Bloomberg warn the government about the impending crash and the subprime mortgage debacle years ago if he's such a financial genius?

Anonymous said...

"Why didn't the all-knowing Mr. Bloomberg warn the government about the impending crash and the subprime mortgage debacle years ago if he's such a financial genius?"

oh man, good point

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is the one who put the city in the precarious situation we're in because he put all our eggs in the real estate and banking baskets.

Great job! Yes, he deserves 4 more years.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg: For term limits before he was against them.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is now making Gallagher look like a mutha f&*%ing saint!

Anonymous said...

I hope that eagle plucks his eyes out

Anonymous said...

NYC is in better shape than any other municipality in the area and just about any other big city in the country, because Bloomberg controlled spending and set aside surpluses for the down times, which he did foresee. Why don't you all learn about the subject before you comment? Oh, that would take some effort and thinking, that's why . . .

Anonymous said...

The people want what I want, long live king Bloomberg.

Change the laws to fix the dictator. Change the law to fix the criminals on Wall Street.

We the people are so dumb

Anonymous said...

"because Bloomberg controlled spending and set aside surpluses for the down times, which he did foresee"

Yes, all the boondoggle development projects where fatcat developers got mega tax breaks and the pulic got screwed were good for our economy. Bloomberg predicted the economic meltdown caused by his buddies, that's why he geared our entire economy toward banking and real estate and pushed basically everyone else out. This is sound policy. Yes, yes, yes, 4 more years, please!

Anonymous said...

In 4 years Bloomberg will want another extension to make him Mayor for life.

What a joke our democracy has become

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg development policy: "We need to destroy the city in order to rebuild it."

Anonymous said...

maybe, just maybe, he will crown himself emporer one day

Anonymous said...

Remember when Bloomie's approval ratings were in the toilet? He'll be there again soon.

Stu loser said...

"I know this is sad news for the Archie Bunkers of the world, but it is good news for those of us that don't want the city to go back to the way it was during the Dinkins era"

Oh, really? Give this motherfucker another term to cut more firefighters and cops and the Dinkins era will seem like the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Would a federal investigation of Mayor Dumberg and his cronies thwart his efforts???

kevin cheekey said...

Since his strategy to run for president (funded by the taxpayers of NYC) was scrapped, he has to settle for trying for another term as mayor.

Anouncing a run before trying to change the law would be tell tale sign of his arrogance. He's abandoned the people who voted him in for a second term. Now we may get the chance to tell him to go fuck himself on election day.

Anonymous said...

He would love to rule another term. For sure, we will have congestion pricing.

He won't get my vote.

Anonymous said...

NYC is in better shape than any other municipality in the area and just about any other big city in the country, because Bloomberg controlled spending and set aside???????
What in the HELL is this uncritical thinking idiot saying.Is he rich, in Manhattan, or jewish and afraid to criticize someone else whos the same.This mayor is nothing but a real estate tycoon and has NOT controlled spending there little sheep.And NYC does not compare to other cities in anything hes claimed to have done at all, its just a marketing gimmick kids.The city is not falling apart??He doesnt take responsibilty for crane collapses, but is well connected to all real estate in Manhattan.And we can weather the "upcoming"economic decline with bloom law breaker 3rd term scum?I dont think so there broker or complete fool who has no idea that other cities have trees(green NY ha) and ZONING laws there kid and people are not pushed out of their property for cookie cutter failed condo projects.
Just like a few have said before on here that have friends in the offices working around bloomberg, hes a phony.Controlled spending????What a joke this stooge is posting that complete nonsense.

jerry rotondi said...

I was criticized by "hizzoner's"
CAU commissioner for my political cartoon which suggested hanging him (in effigy of course).

But I'd settle for tarring and feathering him and running him out of office!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If Mayor Midget feels it's necessary for him to stay around and apply his financial savvy to save NYC...
let him run for comptroller.

Anyone is better than seeing John Liu in that spot!

Oh, but then "hizzoner" would have to accept a demotion from being King Michael the 1st!

Remember folks....
Hitler was handed his power by a very dumb and desperate mob
in a country going through
an economic depression!

The middle class in Germany became the poorer class overnight and Der Fuhrer offered them hope and pride.

Sound familiar?

If we support Mayor Bloomberg for a third term we are "electing" our first "Reich's Chancellor of Greater New York...Seig Heil!

The beams holding up
our democracy are already being
nibbled away by termites.

We don't have to hand it over in one fell swoop to a despot with
a Napoleonic complex!

Third terms are always rife
with corruption!

Anonymous said...

The real question is: "What line will he run on?" Will the Republicans take him back? Will he run as the Dem. he really is? We know that he can finance a third party and run as an independent, but can he win as one?

Anonymous said...

If we had some
vigilant "Archie Bunkers"
as the CEOs of those failed financial institutions instead of the "give it away gang" we'd all
be on sounder footing now!

There's a place for a more conservative approach:
Banking, national security, etc.

And there's a place for recklessness and illusion:
Las Vegas and Hollywood!

Mayor Magician ain't gonna be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat,
or our bacon out of the fire!

He's trading off our fears
of an impending financial abyss!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like those CAU hacks are working overtime here because they now that their jobs
will be the first to be cut during
a financial free fall!

Natzli begs Mike,
"Please save my spot"!

Sorry bimbo,
it's back to catering for you!

Anonymous said...


That overinflated 5'7" pint sized putz is just throwing some sand in the gears as a last minute attempt to sabotage the election!

He's lost the game.

So now in a grumbling furor,
he's taking home his marbles!

Anonymous said...

Do any people with mentalities greater that 5th-grade level comment on this board?
What is with this fallacy that Bloomberg pushed the city's economy into only finance and real estate? Do you realize how dumb that statement is? Wall Street has been the biggest part of NYC's economy for a century. Bloomberg's company is not a real estate company, it is a media and information services company. Bloomberg has actually helped diversify NYC's economy from 15-20 years ago. We have more media, film production, software and technology companies, etc., in NYC now.

Anonymous said...

If we have a capital surplus
Doomberg doesn't have to raise
my real estate taxes!

Why should he steal from the pockets of the middle class (and poorer) homeowners' to finance his continued delusions of grandeur?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor had his time, ideas and bluster. Time to move on to Governor's office in 2 years - easy win you smell blood - the state needs a drastic overhaul and a new big stadium in Albany!

We need new blood in NYC and keep 2 term limits in place - don't allow anyone to steal this from you!!

Anonymous said...

Well it was Wall Street that "invested" heavily in those shaky real estate related ancillary markets (sub prime mortgages etc.)
in the first place!

The blame rests
squarely on their shoulders!

And if Mayor Boob-berg were the financial giant he claims to be
he would have foreseen what even
a 5th grader could easily see,
that this was an extremely precarious move!

Overinflated REAL ESTATE windfall expectations were the PRIME CAUSE
of the collapse...or more simply put...unabashed GREED !

Anonymous said...

The ironic bottom line:

These Bloomberg boosters are so frantic they've resorted to posting on "Queens Crap" (that they otherwise despise) just to convince us that Mayor Mike is our savior (small "S").

C-mon...do your best to convince
the majority of us 'Archie Bunkers"
(holding the votes that you desperately need) to believe in you
so that NYC will have an afterlife!

His third term will amount to nothing less than a turd term!

Anonymous said...

What's the "R" stand for in Bloomberg....robber/baron ?

Anonymous said...

C-mon fellas,

I can see it! Can you?

The emperor
ain't wearin' any clothes!

Bloomberg's game
is all smoke 'n mirrors!

If this shifty carnival barker pulls off a 3rd term, you voters have handed him a royal title.

And it's goodbye democracy!

Anonymous said...

I think the American People should do to Bloomy what Bloomy does to the American people (for their own sake of course), Take him to court for breaking the law. He seems to love taking people and business's to court because he feels they broke the law, I think the people of New York who has had enough of Bloomy's blood sucking, law changing, kicking people off their land for his own and his friends needs takes the man to court because there is a law stating only a two time term limit. He should be held accountable for trying to change that against the will of the people. I say enough is enough with this man, he should also be held accountable for the tax payer money that was put into Yankee Stadium which wasn't supposed to be either. Why when it comes to the people who are supposed to uphold the law does everyone continue to look the other way instead of making noise to hold them accountable?

Alan said...

I can't think of any greater arrogance than the mayor's assumption that he is the only person out of a population in excess of 8,000,000 that can be the mayor of NYC and run it properly. People on this blog have called for a federal investigation of the Bloomberg administration, specifically the behavior or the EDC and certain projects, and I believe that such an investigation would knock the Bloomberg off the rose!

I attended a mayoral town hall meeting in Flushing back in 2004 (prior to his re-election). He was disrespectful and made promises that were not only unfulfilled, but were proven by history to be lies. A good example was his pledge to support libraries and schools instead of new stadiums but we all know how that turned out. He will stop at nothing to provide benefits for his friends even if it is at the expense of taxpayers.

I am glad I attended the 2004 meeting with my camcorder. The people of NYC need to see the truth for themselves. That is why I posted a few relevant clips on YouTube. When I have a chance, I will review the mayor's comments and perhaps add to the collection!

Anonymous said...

If Bloomberg runs again, he wins in a landslide. Thankfully, most NY voters are smart enough to not give credence to the low-level thinking expressed by most on this board.
If you want to express your disagreement or dislike of Bloomberg policies, you may want to try doing so maturely and intelligently, if you are capable. It would be much more effective. However, as I said before, that would require you to think and make some effort . . .

Anonymous said...

And just what was he doing to control his gang of pals on Wall Street? Oligarchy of the rich guys in control is the last thing we need now.

Anonymous said...

First of all, at this juncture, Bloomberg cannot overturn term limits through the Council.

He won't run again for a year, the economy could reverse itself by then and there would therefore not be a need to keep the guy in there who encouraged the collapse in the first place.

And as for "We have more media, film production, software and technology companies, etc., in NYC now." - that is due to initiatives that Giuliani put in place. Bloomberg is a coattail rider and nothing more. If 9/11 hadn't happened, we'd be looking at the last year of Mark Green.

Anonymous said...

Yeah really...those of us who actually LIVED in NYC before the Bloomberg years know better.

Anonymous said...

I guess Bloomie's stooge doesn't see the hypocrisy of adamantly being against overturning term limits when you're up at bat and then pushing to do exactly that when your last days are approaching.

Anonymous said...

What happened to government of the people, for the people, by the people?

Anonymous said...

He'll win in a landslide, and all the Queens Crap NIMBY fossils will get another four years to whine about prosperity and good fortunes. Sorry, but the old guard of uneducated Archie Bunkers is on its last legs...good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a republican to the core old crappers.He agrees with bush 100% on the Iraq mess and sending 8 billion of tax payer money from the U.S. to Israel every 6 months months so they can exterminate the Palestinians who have been there for thousands of years.Thats the far right orthodox mentality of jewish israeli citizens too.He also is a fan of corporate welfare just like bush and wall st.Dems and Republicans are the same in NYC.Its not that way in other cities folks.

Anonymous said...

I am so fed up with the system. Although Bloomberg was good for NYC, and you cannot take that away from him, he has now caused many people to be fed up and disgusted with the system. This is what happens when you have a person with so much money in politics, that he can buy the entire city council and the speaker to go against the voters wishes.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in NYC all of my life!

Although it took a brief dip during the early 1970s, it rebounded once again as it had done many times before throughout its long history.

Before Bloomberg NYC was
generally a better
place for its residents.

Under Bloomberg
NYC is only better for that wealthy real estate gang!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think that most of us are intelligent and mature enough to recognize that Bloomberg screwed up NYC for everyone but his wealthy pals.

We'll show some respect
for his "honor" when he stops using our tax money to further enrich his wealthy real estate buddies!

Until then he's just a thieving SOB
or an uncommon crook if you prefer!

Anonymous said...

frustrated because you can't
muzzle the truth expressed here
like you can with those weekly newspaper/rags.

Better aim your retorts better
Evan(?), Natzli(?)!!!

You're missing the potty!

Anonymous said...

seems like some of the "old guard"
at the KKK (Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks) are calling us all (yawn) "Archies" once again.

Pay no mind to these low brows.

Their brains
have become "fossilized"...
lost their touch...hiding out in their "bunkers" for too long!