Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Bloomie gave his bucks to

The Wonkster on The Mayor's Pot:

Since the Mayor Michael Bloomberg took office he has doled out approximately $19.7 million in discretionary funding, according to a memo released yesterday by the administration.

Here is who got what of the mayor’s money:

Councilmember Simcha Felder: $5.7 million
Former Councilmember Madeline Provenzano: $2.17 million
Councilmember Domenic Recchia: $2.15 million
Former Councilmember Andrew Lanza: $1.68 milion
Councilmember Peter Vallone: $1.6 million
Councilmember Jimmy Oddo $1.37 million
Former Councilmember Dennis Gallagher: $642,499
Councilmember Maria Baez: $410,000
Former Councilmember Yvette Clarke: $375,000
Councilmember Bill de Blasio:$351,000
Councilmember James Sanders: $318,000
Councilmember Helen Sears: $311,000
Councilmember Vincent Ignizio: $250,000
Former Councilmember Martin Golden: $205,000
Councilmember Erik Martin Dilan: $150,000
Councilmember Maria del Carmen Arroyo: $117,500
Councilmember Leroy Comrie: $80,000
Councilmember Letitia James: $75,000
Councilmember Sara Gonzalez: $55,000
Councilmember Bill Perkins: $35,000
Councilmember Jimmy Vacca: $20,000
Councilmember Joe Addabbo: $20,000
Councilmember Kendall Stewart: $20,000
Councilmember Diana Reyna: $20,000
Councilmember Al Vann: $20,000
Councilmember Miguel Martinez: $15,000
Councilmember Annabel Palma: $6,500


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone he did not give to? I didn't get any!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the amount related to the level of ass-kissing?

Anonymous said...

instead of cutting vital services to deal with the loss of tax revenues due to the Wall Street melt down,
cut off your payoffs to the pols!

Now that we're on a roll....


They make enough money already
to encourage them to over build even more.

There's already a glut of unsold
residential & commercial units in NYC!

Oh but Der Mayor prefers to
rob our childrens' future and our safety by cutting school and police

Let your wealthy friends take a cut for a change you phony!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's related!

Just check the color on the $$$$$ recipients' lips.

The darker the shade of brown the more money they got!

Anonymous said...

So let me see, Assemblyman Tony Seminerio uses his influence as a State lawmaker to take money from corporations, Mayor Mike Bloomberg uses taxpayer money to reward fellow politicians for crossing party lines to support his re-election as Mayor.

Bloomberg should be investigated!

Anonymous said...

from the Daily News:
The two (council) members who got the most were Simcha Felder, raking in $5.7 million, and Domenic Recchia, who got $2.2 million.

Both are Brooklyn Democrats who crossed party lines to endorse Bloomberg when he ran for reelection as a Republican in 2005.

Felder did not return calls for comment. Recchia denied the money was a payback.

Anonymous said...

So Billionaireberg has been using taxpayer money to buy votes for pet project from our slush fund driven city council. If any other person did that they would be arrested for bribery, but I guess this is why we have term limits so the buying of our elected officials can only last so long. I can't believe that Mr.Cuomo hasn't had our mayor brought up on charges but maybe he's a pal too. I bet he had his little cutesy smile like the kid that got caught in the cookie jar knowing full well that "what could they really do to me I'm the 8th richest man in the world". Is this how he bullied the congestion tax through the council, by waving a few bucks at his fellow crooks.

Anonymous said...

None of those monies went to Northeast Queens? Very interesting. Those of us in Council Districts 19 & 20 will remmeber this. So long bloomer girl!

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes on your council members (and the other pols).

Don't be distracted by what
Mayor Bum-berg gave to who.
That's only part of the story.

Mike's term is over soon but many of your local pols will still be around.

These C.M.s are the rats
who are eating up your cheese!

Anonymous said...

For example:

What has Melinda Katz done
for her FULL CONSTITUENCY lately ?

She's already done plenty for
her Bukharian benefactors !

Bloomberg is just one
of the whore masters paying off
his council sluts.

We all know that most are already owned by developers as well!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Hiram Monserrate, Bloomberg's nemesis on Willets Point, didn't get any hush money.

Anonymous said...

hey, where's tony avella's cut?

Anonymous said...

I've already checked out Avella's campaign contributions on line.

You can do the same.

He's practically squeaky clean.

Now on the other hand we have
Melinda Katz the poster child for taking money from developers!


Doesn't Tony
give back the unused money
that's allocated to him ?

That's embarrassed a lot of pols!
And his city council attendance record is sterling.

Got some more crap
you phony critics want to sling?
(Gotta be the work of "Parkside").

Anonymous said...

Remember folks,
clubhouse pols aren't here as reformers to do away with corruption.

They're working to maintain
its current level and perhaps
even step it up a notch!

Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks (KKK)
a chip off the old Boss Tweed block!

Anonymous said...

"Got some more crap
you phony critics want to sling?
(Gotta be the work of "Parkside")."

Nah. I'll wait for another post.
(Gotta be one of Avella's lackeys).