Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shea's potties will be reused by Parks

The Parks Department, which owns both Shea and Yankee stadiums, plans to salvage countless items in the days after the Mets play their final game - stockpiling doors, toilets, sinks, lights and other workaday supplies that will be installed in city parks for years to come.

Parts of Shea will keep on Flushing

A crew of 200 parks workers will remove 327 toilets, 310 urinals, 128 sinks, 528 light fixtures, 395 toilet partitions, 209 speakers, 100 field lights and 100 doors, among other items.

Photo of Shea toilet courtesy of American Crapper.


Anonymous said...

isnt there a law against reusing salvaged toilets?

panzer65 said...

Better sterilize those sinks that were used as urinals at jets games.

-Joe said...

Parks needs to donate some of those to the City Planning Commission.

They would make great suggestion boxes.
...The mayor need some too!


Anonymous said...

I think that our Flushing boy
John Liu should take a grand ceremonial final dump in one of these and then donate it to the Queens Historical Society to be placed in their archives for safe keeping.

Now wouldn't that be appropriate?

Anonymous said...

let's dole out these bowls to
members of the KKK
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)
in token of how well they've been
crapping all over us !

Anonymous said...

An amusing little history lesson

In England
during the Napoleonic wars,
it was very popular to place
an image of Bonaparte himself
on the bottom of the porcelain
chamber pots .

Might I suggest the very same for these recycled bowls ?

Piss on your favorite pol!

Hey Mister Mayor,
this kind of unique collectible
can be sold for thousands!

Anonymous said...

Good. It is nice to see the city being responsible with our money.

Anonymous said...

Good. It is nice to see the city being responsible with our money.

keno bros. antiques road show said...

I bid $5,000 for the one with
a transfer print of C.M. Liu's face
fired under the glaze!

-Joe said...

image on the bottom of the porcelain.

I remember as a kid the NYC Subway had running bathrooms with high detail green flys baked into porcelain on the mens room urinals.
One recently went for $12,000 on Ebay.

Interesting Parks is taking these ?
Just next door in FMCP parks and police are stationed in the old Worlds Fair bathrooms by the moasic of Robert Moses.

In the offices there is plumbing and old tile under some of the desks and astro turf


Basement Dweller said...

For some reason that photo reminds me of Jake LaCrapa, you know that stuttering dumbass attorney for Dennis "the grand motherfucker" Gallagher.