Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adios, amigos!

You gotta love this drivel from a Daily News columnist:

Last year, about 500,000 immigrants entered the country - less than half the 1.8 million the year before, according to the Census Bureau. That, along with the fact that thousands of immigrants are returning to their countries on their own, is shrinking the foreign-born population in the U.S.

"There are no jobs, no chance to become legal; they treat us worse than criminals," said Efrén Ramos, a 22-year-old construction worker who lives in Jackson Heights. "What am I doing here?"

Yes, what are you doing here? You just admitted you're an illegal alien and therefore are a criminal. We're supposed to feel sorry for you?

In other words, the nation's sharp economic downturn and lack of available jobs, coupled with the human rights crisis provoked by the administration's enforcement-only immigration policy (for lack of a better word), have made migrating to the U.S. a less plausible road. The beacon of a generous America where success can be achieved by working hard and believing in the future has dimmed considerably.

So, enforcing our laws is considered bad? Which other laws would you like us to ignore?

The beacon of a generous America continues to shine brightly for those who come here legally.


Anonymous said...

That's not good news for all the stuck up McMansionites of Queens and Long Island. Who'll mow the lawn, plant bushes, and blow leaves around if all the illegals leave?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind that the economic downturn and loss of jobs hurts everyone here legally, we have to worry about people who shouldn't have been here in the first place. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that we have to wait for bad times in order to know that our towns will be safe from developers and their illegal helpers.

Anonymous said...

You are totally missing the point of the article, Archie Bunker. It's saying that the economy is looking so bad that even illegal immigrants aren't coming.

Anonymous said...

No, Crappy understood the point well. It was supposed to make you feel bad for illegals. Sorry, didn't work.

Anonymous said...

It looks like some our clubhouse "Archies" are busy posting again!

You guys are the real "Bunkers" brandishing your out of date
shop worn political maneuvers
and poorly constructed PR spin.

After all when all is said and done, the Queens KKK
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)
are just a bunch of reactionary throwbacks to the mid 19th century faithfully employing Boss Tweed's
old handbook!

Anonymous said...

Truly spoken!

Welcome to the Democratic dictatorship of Queens county,
home of the political KKK's well oiled machine!

Anonymous said...

Who'll mow the lawn, plant bushes, and blow leaves around if all the illegals leave?

The same people who did it before we were invaded, genius - either the owners of the homes, or they'll simply hire legal, law abiding citizens.

The article is another example of why you should simply turn your TV off, and stop reading mainstream media propaganda drivel.

The "writer" wants to have it both ways - He uses loaded terms, referring to the "right-wing Bush administration". Is this the same Jorge Bush that rolled the red carpet out for our saintly guest workers from the south? How dare he criticize the patron saint of the reconquistadors!

Of course, no mention of the geniuses in the financial industry who contributed to the whole problem by granting "No Doc" loans to our beloved guest workers either. I wonder why Señor Ruiz didn't mention that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more ignorant anti-immigrant bigotry Crapper. Hopefully the next President will allow for more legal immigration and citizenship, because that really will help our economy. I would much rather have these hard-working people who would be proud to be Americans here than the small-minded, loud-mouthed Archie Bunkers that love to comment on this site.

Queens Crapper said...

"Thanks for more ignorant anti-immigrant bigotry Crapper."

What anti-immigrant bigotry? There was no immigrant in this story. An illegal alien was quoted.

Anonymous said...

what about the hundreds of thousands of jack pot babies? will they be sent back too?

Have you noticed when illegal immigrants come here the first thing they do is get pregnant, again and again? stop giving them and the elderly illegal immigrants government benefits. No WIC, no food stamps, no HEAP, no welfare, no social security, no medicaid and free health services.
They will stay where they are.
no jobs in their countries? I sympathize since there are non here either.
You can blame Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Resettlement Services for the alien invasion.

These agencies hire illegal immigrants, they have one or two token American citizens working for them.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next President will allow for more legal immigration and citizenship, because that really will help our economy.

Allowing more people into the U.S. will help our economy? What will these people do? Compete with laid off workers from Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, AIG, and Merrill Lynch? Compete with laid off construction workers?

Whoever becomes President will probably do what you propose, unfortunately. O'Blarney simply wishes to import more non-Europeans to become members of the democratic party. McCant wants to bring in more workers to drive down wages, to appease the business interests.

What types of people are you proposing we allow in to the U.S.?

If you advocate a point system similar to what they use in Canada, which grades people based on factors such as: education, language ability, work experience, age, arranged employment, and adaptability, then I'm all for it.

The U.S. doesn't need any more poorly educated, low skilled, zero English speaking rubes. We have too many of those types as it is. They spend their time indiscriminantly throwing about clichés such as "Archie Bunkers" when they have nothing substantive to say.

Anonymous said...

--That's not good news for all the stuck up McMansionites of Queens and Long Island---

Bullstuff !!!
I been doing it all myself on TWO houses !
One in Manhasset and one in Mattituck including inground pool maintanence around Oak Trees.

I cant beleive some of the fat & lazy soccer moms and Football dads who hire these illegals to maintain a 1/3 acre.

How can people so stupid In Manhasset I laugh when these jerks get sued !

Lemme try and "Splain" you something :
If an illegal alien day laborer gets hurt on your property, there is a 99.9% chance that the contractor or "middle guy" has no verification or somply NO health insurance for the workers, nor any liability or workers' compensation insurance !!
THE HOMEOWNER'S insurance then take's the hit (and if the homeowner's insurance does not cover it all a lien placed on the house.

Some ass hired illegal aliens to cut trees down. There was an accident with a power tool up in the tree and a guy lost his eye and broke some bones falling
Turns out the contractor lied and had no insurance whatsoever, nothing in his name, so the homeowner's insurance was sued and the contractor got off scot-free.

SADLY in New York being in this country illegaly is not a "criminal" offense, but only an "administrative" offense.
These POS illegal parasites have the right to sue U.S. citizens in the U.S. courts without fear of (immediate) deportation !!!!

Many of these illegals stick there fingers into wood chipper deliberatly for 1 million "jackpot money" then go back to Mexico, buy a town and not work again for life

And plenty of lawyers will represent them and take your house, cars, CD's and bank account so F_ THAT !


GL said...

Ironic that there are less immigrants coming in through the southern border just as Bush's Great Wall of the U.S. is to be completed. Once it is done I assume he'll deport the immigrant workers that construction companies subcontracted.


As far as job competition goes, most illegal immigrants from latin america and central america are not coming here with Nuclear Physics PhDs or even business degrees. Those that do come from an educated background would like to continue working in that field but since they entered illegally can't afford the costs of re-certification (time and monetary costs).

If we are talking of employment competition, we are talking of low-wage employment with little to no benefits. Immigrant populations do compete with the young teen workforce and the retired looking to supplement their social security income.

Both populations affected by immigrant workers aren't complaining at all compared to the regular Joes and Janes that even after their Lehman Bros gig fell through surely don't desire to pick fruit, flowers or mow lawns until things pick up again in the economy.

I know immigrants are working in construction jobs, but we can't blame them for trying to eat and live like the rest of us. Even if they get fired, deported and sent away construction companies will still look to hire another cheap labor force. If people want permanent change then fight against your employers that would rather keep subcontracting in order to save money and keep that which is saved for themselves.

Anonymous said...


Most these new workers ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS!
They are un-checked, 3rd world disease carrying criminals, alcoholics, perverts and abusers here on the take !
Once they "dig in" they stop working and suck services and make babys forever. Remember what happened to Bushwick and NYC in the 70's with the Puerto Ricin's ?

Well these Mextizos and CA's are 100X more this time around.
They will take down the whole contry, they already took down the banks not paying bills.

We are in big Doo Doo

Anonymous said...

Same crap like Bushwick in the 60's !!!!

Politically-correct mandates to lending to new groups of minorities without checking their credit, verifying their employment or other normal credit vetting, the government caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
Yeah they are leaving at least every ome here has family thats loosing a house !!

Governments around the world now know our government is bankrupt.
They are going to come here with Euros and swarm like buzzards.

Question is which group is worse ?

Sandman said...

"That's not good news for all the stuck up McMansionites of Queens and Long Island. Who'll mow the lawn, plant bushes, and blow leaves around if all the illegals leave?"

Don't worry. Us McMansionites, and really anybody who...eats at a restaurant, goes to the grocery store, buys coffee from a deli, buys tires from a garage, gets their car washed, gets gas, gets a haircut, renovates their house...we can all rest comfortable knowing that your son or daughter, or all those laid off from AIG and Merrill Lynch will gleefully take up these jobs that need to get done.

Anonymous said...

son or daughter, or all those laid off from AIG and Merrill Lynch will gleefully take up these jobs.

Good they can put down the cell phones and do some HONEST work for REGULAR people.

Im sure some exercise and elbow grease is what the Doc ordered. There butts and heads were getting so big there was no more room on the LIRR trains.

I hope all the banks fail. A good enema and flush chain was needed before Wall street, the Bankers and outside investors in Europe robbed everything

Anonymous said...

Those knee-jerk "Archie" accusations have become poor countermeasures against the plainly observed truth regarding ILLEGAL immigrants and the problems they've already created.

Keep 'em coming if you think it's working for you (highly amusing).

The last time we counted there's
a majority of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS out here who are weary of hearing
the same tired old KKK (Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks) patented rants:

"Colorful, vibrant, diverse"
as an excuse for under-civilized!

Fewer and fewer voters are buying your outmoded platform anymore!

Get with the program or lose our votes along with your jobs.

You've become political throwbacks,
pulling the same old strings without noticing that as each day passes they're being severed.

Brother where art thou.
Certainly not in the present!

You're a bunch of passe Bunkers!