Thursday, September 25, 2008

The return of Julia Harrison

It was a dozen years ago that Julia Harrison, then a city councilwoman from Queens, created a stir with remarks she made regarding the influx of Asian residents in her district, which was centered in Flushing.

In an interview at the time, the councilwoman, who is white, blamed the growing Asian population in Flushing for increased crime and higher real estate prices. The remarks prompted an outcry in the community culminating in a demonstration at City Hall. Ms. Harrison apologized for her remarks. But they have come to represent something of a signature event in her public profile.

Since then, Mr. Harrison has often sought — unsuccessfully — to return to public office since term limits forced her to leave the Council in 2001. That changed on Tuesday, when the New York City Board of Elections certified her as the razor-thin winner of a race for the position of Democratic district leader in the Assembly district anchored in Flushing.

Ex-Councilwoman Makes a Comeback of Sorts


Anonymous said...

Toby must really be throwing a royal hissy-fit!

That's the second kick in the ass that the troll/queen of the Stavisky dynasty just sustained!

First Meng and now Harrison!

Toby's days seem to be numbered
and apparently the influence of the KKK (Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)
may also be dwindling!

Do you think that Leonard and Julia could have been "a number" when they both served together way upstate in Albany?

That just might account for the heated long term Harrison Stavisky feud.

Anonymous said...

So much for the Liu-Stavisky dynasty! Good for you Julia!

Anonymous said...

Lenny & Julia? Say it ain't so. Nah, I think Julia Harrison and Toby Stavisky are just two head-strong broads that will never see eye to eye. Only difference is, Julia has a heart. It may be hard to find at times, but it's there. Toby,on the other hand, is just a worthless, heartless piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Hubby Lenny started out with a big heart and an ear for the plight of his constituents.

But I suppose
a lot happened along the way.

Maybe he eventually fell victim
to Toby's relentless henpecking
forever pushing him ahead to grab onto more political power.

To witness the way in which she dragged that poor sick man around
in his wheelchair towards the end
just to maintain her dynastic privileges was truly disgusting!

This is the kind of greedy, grasping shrew
that you all voted into office.


Throw her out and keep her
son safely under lock and key !

They're both not finished
sucking your blood yet!

Anonymous said...

"bilked by their own kind"

Anonymous said...

"bilked by their own kind"