Monday, September 29, 2008

Little-known refuges

Interesting article in the NY Times this past week about hidden parks in Midtown:

GREENACRE PARK, East 51st Street between Second and Third Avenues, north side.

PALEY PARK, East 53rd Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, north side.

1251 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, from West 49th to West 50th Street between Avenue of the Americas and Seventh Avenue.

SONY PLAZA, from East 55th to East 56th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues.

SUTTON PLACE PARK, at the far end of East 57th Street (and other streets).

TUDOR CITY GREENS, above East 42nd Street between First and Second Avenues; climb the stairs from 42nd or enter directly from East 41st Street or East 43rd between Second Avenue and Tudor City Place.

WORLDWIDE PLAZA, enter at either West 49th Street or West 50th between Eighth and Ninth Avenues.

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