Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silencing the competition

A forum for City Council candidates Wednesday erupted in cries of racism when a South Asian contender left off the all-white slate showed up anyway and demanded to speak, before a cop escorted him out.

City Council candidate Dalip Nath crashes forum with racism charges

Democrat Dilip Nath and several of his supporters screamed at Briarwood Civic Association President Seymour Schwartz, who told them Nath was excluded from the forum because he "used the race card more than once" in a 2005 Council run.

"I am the fourth candidate!" shouted Nath, a Bangladeshi immigrant and a health care administrator at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

Nath backers blasted Schwartz for unilaterally deciding to keep their man off the panel, even though Nath has declared his candidacy with the city Campaign Finance Board while historian Jeff Gottlieb, who hasn't declared, was on the panel.

Hmmm. Maybe Schwartz was afraid Nath would want to bring up the Bowne House. More on this soon.


Anonymous said...

Shame on Schwartz, he is making my people look bad. As a Jewish voter, I'd rather be represented by someone who is honest, than an unDemocratic party hack like Schwartz. What a shanda!

Anonymous said...

It's funny when other Asians ( John Liu pull the race card multiple times)they're never excluded from anything.

Then again,
they're from the part of Asia that donates massive $$$$$ to the KKK
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)!

Jeff Gottlieb is a has-been hack
who's hungry for any political position that allows him to do as little as possible in exchange for a hefty salary!

Anonymous said...

Dilip Nathan is the biggest crook in the bunch. He was recently charges with sexual harassment at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. The man is a total phony and would be the biggest political hack imaginable.