Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lawn litter law kind of a joke

When it was passed in 2007, the Lawn Litter Bill did not specify who would enforce it. That duty was finally assigned to the city Department of Sanitation (DOS) after an amendment was made in January 2008.

DOS Assistant Chief for Enforcement Todd Kuznitz said there are still problems with the law. "It is a difficult law to enforce," he said at the September meeting of the Queens Borough Cabinet. "The problem is First Amendment rights."

Lawn Litter Law Poses Enforcement Problems

The devil is in the content of the unsolicited materials, as the slightest news value makes them legal. "That's one of the reasons we don't have [DOS] agents going door to door," said Kuznitz.

In addition to posting a sign that must be at least 5 inches tall and 7 inches wide that states in legible letters at least 1 inch in size, "Do Not Place Unsolicited Advertising Materials On This Property," two or more homeowners must send the unsolicited material along with a complaint form to DOS.

"We need two complaints on the same filer to act," Kuznitz said.


Anonymous said...

No, its not a joke. It gave some politicans photo ops and press releases.

And that is all that matters.

Remember, the IMAGE of governing is more important than ACTUALLY governing.

Anonymous said...

why would you want to stop an illegal alien, a Chinese or Mexican non English speaking person, from dumping many fliers on your front stoop? how dare you you racist American.

they are here to make a living move over

Anonymous said...

keep those complaints flowing - i've already sent it two per week.

Anonymous said...

I called Sen. Maltese's office and was told to call 311. I called 311 and was switched to the Dept. of Sanitation. They sent me a form to fill out and send along with the packet of flyers and a listing of all enclosed advertising business to Sanitation Enforcement
1824 Shore Pway, Bklyn.....If I did
that it would cost me a fortune in stamps. I e-mailed the Senators office and asked "Why pass a law if you aren't going to enforce it?"