Friday, September 26, 2008

Rally against FedEx in Astoria

People came with signs held high, chanting, "No Way, No Depot" to protest the construction of a new Federal Express depot on the Astoria waterfront on Saturday, September 20.

The Coalition for a Better Astoria held the protest in front of a local Fed Ex/Kinko's for anyone who wanted his or her voice to be heard. Many residents of Astoria were unhappy when they heard the news of the prospective Fed Ex depot. The area suffers from too much pollution as it is, they claim, without more being added to it.

Families came out with their children, holding signs saying "Give Our Kids A Place to Play." They would rather see the site turned into a large park for their children and themselves to enjoy.

City Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr. was there supporting this cause. He is concerned and doesn't want Fed Ex to build this new facility. "This is a very important issue in this community," Vallone said. "Whenever anyone asks me what problems we have, I can't think of any, except this, except pollution and congestion."

Astoria Residents Rally Against Fed Ex Truck Depot

Both of which are exacerbated by overdevelopment, which Pete is not opposed to.


Anonymous said...

We have a slight gang problem also around 14th st and 31st ave.Not to mention that 20 some high monstrosity behind what use to be the Aderrandock building(excuse my spelling).Those are problems that are going to stress the electrical grid especially.Yes Vallone theres a few other rat kids you should get off the street and stop ignoring your phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Vesuvius erupted and covered Pompeii thousands of years ago.

Astoria has already
been half buried in the ashes of
over development, power plants, etc.

Unfortunately, it's going, going and soon to be gone!

Those who remain, expecting an improvement in the quality of their lives, will become history's fossils to be excavated by an archaeologist at some later date.

MOVE ON for your own good.

Anonymous said...

To the first poster:

post your comments on

That blog, like everything else in that part of Queens, is dominated by the clubhouse/developer types over at Ditmars.

They HATE bad comments about their community, FEAR controversy, and RUN'N HIDE if someone criticises's their local talent as they shamelessly exploit them.

They need a little shaking up.

Anonymous said...

All of 20 peole showed up. Close cropping the photo can't hide the lack of interest.

Anonymous said...

There is a group funny for their refusal to accept reality.

Hundreds of trucks on inspection reveals one every five minutes.

Waterfront parkland on inspection reveals a toxic brownfield next to a sewage plant.

A proposed park in an out of the way part of Astoria on inspection makes no sense if all the other parks are falling apart.

Anonymous said...

That group refuses to even consider a waterfront parkland the rest of ASStoria.

They think they live north of Ditmars and the rest of us can go hang.

Meanwhile they think nothing of turning our waterfront over to monster development that will house outsiders.

Yes, they are taking away our waterfront from Astoria, not giving us anything in return.

Anonymous said...

"Whenever anyone asks me what problems we have, I can't think of any, except this, except pollution and congestion."


They are concerned about 200 trucks a day, and refuse to discuss the impact on traffic and polution from double digit growth decade after decade.


Anonymous said...

I guess Vallone does not send his kids to public school or shop on Steinway Street.

Maybe he should get out of his vacation home and venture south of Astoria Blvd.