Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maloney's money comes from development

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, worth at least $19 million, is New York's wealthiest lawmaker, according to a Washington newspaper's analysis of personal finance records released yesterday.


Maloney's big bucks, from her portion of a real-estate development company, placed the Democrat - whose district includes parts of Manhattan and Queens - at No. 16 on Roll Call's "50 Richest Members of Congress" list.


Anonymous said...

This woman is only interested in development projects in Astoria, like the massive 15 story HANAC monster next to the Triboro Bridge, and the one that is about to destroy the Astoria Presbyterian Church with a totally out of scale 9 story building.

We don't need to remind everyone about the role of Callous Carolyn in the destruction of the 180 year old Astoria Institute for a development project that involves party boss Gloria DeMico's son, now do we?

Most of the time we see her, its with yet another blockbuster development project standing right up there with Atethna and the (an increasingly foggy) Bricklayer.

Its funny how she provides funding for community groups in the Manhattan part of her little district.

There is obviously a conflict of interrst between her personal involvement in real estate, and her role as a (cough cough) public servant.

I publically call for an investigation into her affairs to see if this real estate investment has an impact on her heavy handed support of the bulldozing Astoria.

I publically call for a review of her funding of projects to see if there are discimination in allocation of funding between the two halves of her district.

People, this is what happens when you have press that is in the pocket of the machine, a machine that does not even bother to disquise its interest in honest graft anymore, and a passive community that has no real civics.

UCCA, Greek-American, Astoria Homeowners, Dutch Kills, and LICA do not cut the mustard.

Anonymous said...

her Greek connection!

Ooopa, ooopa!

Anonymous said...

calling for more investigations
in an already crooked system
doesn't get you very far!

So what's the answer then?

A wary educated electorate
would certainly help matters.

But that's not going to happen
very soon.

The clubhouse pols keeps on pandering to their newly imported voters (while making sure that our public education system continues to remain sub standard)
just so that their "beloved" immigrants can be more easily

And Bloomberg says
he wants to improve our schools?

Don't believe him!

If folks get too smart they'd
be able to see right through him
and the machine's agenda!

Anonymous said...

sorry you are wrong about her. She is the only politician who did squat for anyone effected by 9/11.

Anonymous said...

that is great, as she systamtically converts astoria to holes in the ground.

Anonymous said...

sorry you are wrong about her. She is the only politician who did squat for anyone effected by 9/11.


Come on over to my backyard for a picnic and lets discuss it.

I want you to see the 10 story building that Carolyn financed they are putting up right to my property line.

Anonymous said...

Seperation of church and state. HANAC should have never recieved federal money for the church project.

Anonymous said...

With the likes of George Delis
and CB#1, the community board from hell, anything is possible
including the violation of federal law by HANAC!

this is the wild wild west out here!

In other words Vallone country!