Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily News vs. the will of the people

Daily News editorial:

Michael Bloomberg must stand for reelection to a third term as mayor in 2009. Run, Mike, run.

New York is only beginning to weather the damaging effects of the worst financial crisis to hit the U.S. since the Great Depression. Severe aftershocks of lost jobs and shrinking tax revenue will present the occupant of City Hall with huge and unprecedented challenges.

New Yorkers deserve to select the person they feel is best qualified to pull the city through the crisis from among a full field of candidates.

Bloomberg must be in the pack.

To enable that, the law limiting mayors to two consecutive terms must be amended to give voters the choice to extend Bloomberg's leadership for four more years, should they so desire.

Run, Mike, run

People were saying the same thing about Giuliani after 9/11. Somehow we survived despite his departure. We'll be fine without Bloomberg. Shame on you, Daily News, for pushing for something contrary to what the voters of this city chose twice.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Bum-berg will soon be history then the Daily News
can write his political obituary!

There will be dancing in the streets the morning after "hizzonor's" exit!

Anonymous said...

Run Mike, run....as far out of New York as your little legs can possibly take you!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm canceling my subscription to the Daily Snooze.

Anonymous said...

He wants to serve another term so he can get his congestion pricing through.

He just doesn't get it. New Yorkers are hurting in their pocketbooks. We don't need to be taxed more.

Anonymous said...

The Daily News has a bad reputation of pulling the rug out from under communities that protest development.