Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wind Farm Eyed Off Queens Coast

NEW YORK (1010WINS) -- The Long Island Power Authority is exploring a plan to build a wind farm of up to 100 turbines off the coast of Queens -- a year after killing a similar development over cost concerns.

Newsday reported Tuesday that LIPA chief executive Kevin Law is slated to announce the formation of a working group with Consolidated Edison to study whether a wind farm can be built 10 miles off the Rockaways.

The proposed farm would generate an estimated 300 megawatts and could cost $1.5 billion.

Sharing the cost between the two power utilities could make the project more appealing than the Jones Beach wind farm, the newspaper reported.

LIPA pulled the plug on the plan to build the offshore wind farm near the iconic beach last year after cost estimates swelled to nearly $1 billion.


Anonymous said...

Now let's see if the LPC will allow
these wind turbines to be placed along Shore Road in Douglas Manor
(ha, ha, ha).

I'm sure those privileged folk
who reside there won't be
great (ha, ha) "FANS" of this idea!

Anonymous said...

Of couse they will build it in Queens after it is rejected elsewhere.

Like the Long Island Railroad that got thrown out of Booklyn 150 years ago, and found a home in Queens, anything is available here - for the right price.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later,
EVEYTHING that's unwanted elsewhere gets dumped in Queens
(in those red-lined neighborhoods without any clout)!

And your clubhouse pols are there only to protect the prime neighborhoods where they themselves often live!

Anonymous said...

Hey, wadda ya want?

The developers continue to drool
over all our "underutilized" land
while those clubhouse plants
at the local community boards gleefully chime in "as of right"!

So we wind up getting f----d
from both ends!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a local CB
will seemingly go to the mat, putting up a valiant display of fisticuffs, on a particularly offensive project somebody's trying to railroad into its community.

This will, of course,
be OVER-RIDDEN in the end because their votes are ONLY ADVISORY.

What a cozy little system for throwing a fight in the third round!

So you can also dump all the CBs along with the job of Boro Prez!

They serve us no real purpose.

So we think we have entre
into city government?

Forget about it!

Anonymous said...

We should find a way to harness
all that wind power at "BURRO HALL" !

Anonymous said...

Must not be any influential politicians with homes in that area to kill the deal, similar to when Ted Kennedy was screaming about the windmill farm proposed for Nantucket Sound near one of his homes.

We should find a way to harness
all that wind power at "BURRO HALL" !

Perhaps a system of tubing to collect all the methane gas emanating from "Burro Hall" would solve our energy dependency on the Saudis!

Anonymous said...

Let LIPA buy up foreclosing properties in Queens to build the windmill on the sites!

Do this across America and we will have solved the banks CDO problems!

Anonymous said...

We haven't even discussed tapping all the wind power from city hall yet!

No need to drill for natural gas
in upstate New York
if we shove some tubes up
the city council's many asses!

Presto...methane magic!

Anonymous said...

Fellow anons, do you want "renewable energy" or not? If so, shut up and enjoy it. It's more expensive and less reliable. But it saves the earth, maaaan.
Notice the Nassau County plan cost a billion. Off of Queens, it's 1.5 billion.

Anonymous said...

how dare you oppose this, it will have NO impact on rockaway. it is 10 miles away! we probably wont be able to even see them, and if we can, so what? its a good thing, we should be supporting this because it is renewable and we need to get away form non-renewable fuel, plus, we might even see a decrease in our electric bills.