Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supermarket a den of vice

Five employees of a Maspeth grocery store were taken into custody by police last Friday, Sept. 5 after a number of untaxed cigarettes and illegal gaming devices were found inside the shop during a routine inspection, it was reported.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspects as Habeeb Alzewkeri, 20, of Eighth Avenue in Brooklyn; Fayiz Zokari, 24, of Springfield Boulevard in Queens Village; Jack Celantano, 58, of 69th Place in Middle Village and two juvenile males, ages 16 and 14, respectively.

Reportedly, they were charged with allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes and operating slot machines at the Maspeth Supermarket and Deli located at 69-20 Grand Ave.

Two of the suspects were also found to be in possession of khat, an illegally-imported stimulant, police said.

The suspects were variously charged with forgery, possession of counterfeit tax stamps, evading payment of cigarette taxes, possession of gambling devices, promoting gambling and criminal possession of a controlled substance.


Interestingly, this was a featured piece of Queens Crap back in February of last year.


Anonymous said...

Gamblin' grandmother molester Dennis Gallagher didn't get caught in the net?

Naaa, not this time, it just so happened he was out visiting a senior center looking for some action.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's a nice local spot for Queens Ledge employees to stop in after work.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this picture a classic shot of today's Queens.

I could write an essay on everthing that is so wrong it that picture.