Monday, September 22, 2008

Serf and Rudy are BFF

Republicans are set to bring in their big gun - Rudy Giuliani - in an attempt to hang onto a crucial Queens state Senate seat.

The former mayor and onetime presidential hopeful will campaign for fellow Republican, Sen. Serphin Maltese on Sept. 30 before headlining a fund-raiser later that day.

"Serf Maltese is not only a great legislator and dedicated public servant, but a good friend," Giuliani said.

"I look forward to coming to Queens and campaigning for him and helping him get reelected to the state Senate."

Maltese, who won his last election by just 600 votes, is a prime target of Democrats seeking to take control of the Senate for the first time in decades.

Queens state Sen. Serphin Maltese has Rudy Giuliani in his corner


Anonymous said...

Serf and the 9-11 profiteer, disgraceful. Ironic, the guy who left the city with a humongous budget gap is supporting the guy who trashes the Council that had to raise taxes to fill the gap.

Anonymous said...

We've heard the three tenors sing.

Now we've got the two "chitrools" tuggin' each other chains!

What a "skeevy" throwback pair!

Anonymous said...

Rudy is the one who
was responsible for putting NYC's
emergency command center "bunker"
in the twin towers!

What a "gavone"!

Anonymous said...

Ahh Jeez more made up verbage.

I have heard of things like SWM, SGM but can someone s'plain what the heck are "BFF's" ?


Anonymous said...

Every dollar this scum of the earth has made should buy him nothing but sorrow. Profiteer is far too nice a word to describe him. Serf continues to prove what we already know: he's got poor taste when it comes to choosing his friends.

Anonymous said...

Their their anti-Mormon suggestions during the primaries was perfectly synced practice.

Anonymous said...

BFF = best friends forever.

Or maybe butt fucker friends.

Anonymous said...

How quickly we forget.

Not one of the hypocrites on this blog can honestly say that they haven't benefited from Rudy.

For all of the bitching you do about quality of life, it's amazing the amount of hatred spewed toward the one guy who made quality of life so much better in this city....

Anonymous said...

Politicians are never "Best Friends Forever" they are all back handed devils.

.....Defenetly Butt Fucker Friends.

Rudy G really F_ us with his "Sanctuary City Nonsense"
Rudy was just as liberal and "come and get it" as Mario Coumo with the Tweeds

Anonymous said...

Rudy: So Serf, how's Susan?

Serf: Susan who?

Rudy: You know the petite blond that worked for you.

Serf: I don't know who you mean.

Rudy: You know, the one that the councilman, errr, what's his name, your opponent, is trying to interview.

Serf: Joe Addabbo is my opponent

Rudy: That's right Addabbo called me wanting info on Susan, her last name begins with an "A." Sounds like a ballplayer only spelled differently.

Anonymous said...

"made quality of life so much better in this city...."

For who ?
The illegal turd world excrement and the super privileged ?

Giuliani supported protection for illegal immigrants. He created a policy of preventing city employees from contacting the INS about immigration violations, on the grounds that illegal aliens should be able to send their children to school, work for cash, receive medicaid and hospital services, report crimes to the police without fear of deportation.
Rudy G ran and still owns some huge devolopment company on the side as well as a LLC law firm Giuliani Partners LLC,

He is also a gun grabber so only the criminals have them.

Anonymous said...

Rudy's crew were placing unsigned bigoted anti Dinkens ads around Whitestone.

For fear of getting whacked by a mafioso at a supermarket on 150th Street I didn't get the photo I wanted of the sign which read the following:


Anonymous said...

Them good old boys 150th Street should have wacked Rudy a long time ago.

Rudy locked up so many alleged "mafioso" who took care of Queens neighborhoods. The good old boys paid polititions and "imports" visits if they tried to build Fucco Pyramids in Middle Villiage.
Hell ...You couldn’t even get concrete pored if you were building crap in the good old days.
No POS's living in mattress houses cat calling 15 year old girls going to school also.

Bloods, Crypts and MS-13 now rule and they are 10 times worse.
...They slaughter anybody, elderly, woman, and children included.
All thanks to Rudy G and his Beantown buddy Bratton.


Anonymous said...

Anything Rudy the creep who dumped his wife on TV ever did that was good was wiped out by his exploitation for his personal gain the tragedy that befell our city. He's a lowlife of the first order. But for the attack he would be chasing ambulances for a living.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Rudy's other close friend Kerik.

Anonymous said...

my name is Rudy the old 9-11 mayor".

You ask me what else do I do?

Uh...oh...I didn't make the cut
in a run for the presidency.

So now I'm here to do a little


H-a-n-g..... t-e-n....!

(Oops, his political spring seems to be winding down a bit.
Better crank up that key again).

Anonymous said...

It's going to hit the fan soon...

Anonymous said...

What Maltese did to CK principal Liz Lawlor was an absolute disgrace. Someone should investigate that.