Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welfare king and queen of Queens

A Queens couple, comfortably living off the husband's limo-driver salary of nearly $100,000 a year, ripped off the city, state and federal governments for some $360,000 in welfare benefits, authorities said yesterday.


Marina Gavrielova, 36, and Arkadiy Abramov, 39, traveled to Cancun, Milan, the Bahamas and Jamaica while allegedly collecting public money meant to pay for child care, rent, health care and food.

According to prosecutors, Abramov earned up to $98,000 a year and owned a house in Jamaica, Queens, while his wife claimed to be a single mom paying rent.

Gavrielova, a licensed cosmetologist, claimed to bring home just $200 a week from nail-salon work and submitted letters from her "landlord" - Abramov - in which he "confirmed" her rent as $430 a month, prosecutors said.

When confronted by the city's Human Resources Administration, Abramov showed investigators tax returns that indicated his nearly six-figure income.

Investigators also found that Gavrielova's three kids used Abramov's last name. She had told HRA their father was unknown.

The couple, released on its own recognizance following arraignment on welfare-fraud charges, could get up to 15 years in prison.


Anonymous said...

Tell me that they are immigrants from Russia who where taught how to work the system. They were handed US Government benefits because they are immigrants.

"Limos", those unregulated black taxis on the street, the drivers are allowed to claim $7 per hour. They obviously make more money per hour and don't claim it, if they pay any taxes at all.

Anonymous said...

i drive a limo and pay all my taxes so shut the fuck up you jealous piece of shit

do not lump all drivers in one lot

an american born limo driver who makes more money than you

whining fucking loser

Anonymous said...

Anon #1:

Though Queens has a fairly large Russian-speaking population, there are very few people who are actually from Russia. Sorry, but this always bugs me.

Anonymous said...

The most vile and disgusting russians are in brooklyn. those fucking drunk ukranians and russians in brooklyn (brighton beach) practically invented medicaid and welfare fraud.

Anonymous said...

A former NYPD housing cop told me that in the recreation rooms of projects often times a individual knowledgeable about welfare/medicaid gives the residents a seminar on how to collect welfare/medicaid/food stamps and other free stuff.

Anonymous said...


A lot of limo owners are hooked up!

Anonymous said...

You can fit two bodies in the trunk of one of those big black Lincolns!

That's some extra non-reported
earnings on the side for the driver.

(They can also deliver some nice hot
eastern block babe to your door).

Anonymous said...

Former Soviets
make the world's finest crooks.

They've lived so long
under oppression that they've learned to be extremely skillful in staying alive while putting one over on the likes of a Joe Stalin!

Putting it over on Uncle Sam
is a piece of cake....
a walk in the park (not Gorky Park)!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like "Borat" is back,
pushing a private hack these days!

"I drive limo. Shut fuck up"!

what intelligent discourse!

Anonymous said...

"The most vile and disgusting russians are in brooklyn. those fucking drunk ukranians and russians in brooklyn (brighton beach) practically invented medicaid and welfare fraud."

And don't forget sheepshead bay. the funny thing about these russians is that they think they are such hot shit. they don't even have a single clue how trashy they are.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to travel outside of the borough for ostentatiously
dressed eastern block people watching.

Take a look at those bulky refrigerator looking cubes (in fur hats) leaving that Russkie club on Queens Boulevard near the Union Turnpike subway stop going towards Forest Hills.

Plump gents, as tall as they are
wide, with some nouveau/riche/biche
clinging to them.

Yadda, yadda, yadda...
"Putin" (as in Alexander)
on the ritz!

Anonymous said...

It's not an "immigrant problem". It's an entitlement problem -- which unfortunately is our culture here in New York.

I bet you could find scores of home-grown assholes who would do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

seriously, why do I always see lexus, benz, and bmws parked in the lots of projects? seriously, I drive an 8 year old civic and have a medical practice. whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

silly you, you're not making dirty money.

Anonymous said...

when is her trial coming up?