Monday, December 10, 2007

Homeowner wants Lancaster arrested

The destruction of [Alice] Bajno's house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, was included in allegations about 32 Scarano jobs that Lancaster agreed last year not to report.

Scarano's alleged negligence forced Bajno's family, her sister's family and a longtime tenant to vacate her three-story, Diamond St. house.

Bajno's 85-year-old mother, disoriented in unfamiliar surroundings, had to be moved to a nursing home.

As work progressed, cracks zigzagged across Bajno's walls and doors and windows shifted. Her calls to the Buildings Department had little effect.

On Nov. 14, 2005, the cellar wall supporting the gas meters bowed. Fearing a possible gas explosion, authorities immediately ordered the building vacated.

Brooklyn homeowner: Buildings commissioner should face charges

Bajno says her family incurred more than $200,000 in repairs, legal fees and living expenses. The family is suing Scarano's company.

At a Greenpoint Civic Association town hall in October, Bajno confronted Mayor Bloomberg about the hardship her family has endured.

"I promise ... I will get involved and see what the hell is going on," Bloomberg said.

Neither he nor Lancaster, also at the meeting, mentioned Lancaster's vow of silence regarding Scarano's alleged misdeeds.

A mayoral aide contacted Bajno afterward. "She didn't offer any real help," Bajno said.

Why stop with Lancaster? Let's throw Scrooge McTurtle in the clink, too!


Anonymous said...

What has happend to this homeowner is criminal and deliberately negligent. This could occur to any property owner adjacent to a building lot. It appears DOB is responsible for oversight and that many parties are to be defendants. Anything I can say is hindsight for this homeowner now as she and her family have and is sufferring emotionally and finacially.

What a home owner can do when a neighboring site is being developed is to nickel and dime complaint to DOB, civic org awarness or in extreme situations call police and fire agency to the location to declare emergency shutdowns. None of us can or want take on attorney intervention, but an attorney written letter to the developer and city agencies can signal that you won't rollover from the onset of a developing site. Much of this takes emotional capital, time and money - not allways available or easy to do. I feel for this home owner as I see similar construction sites everywhere with homes next door with exposed foundation footers that are not shored up or protected. Worse, new developments are not being erected by seasoned construction personel but rather by unsupervised illegal, unskilled laborers that potentially cause dangerious situations onsite as well as to adjacent structures and folks.

Anonymous said...

Why not get the FBI involved?

verdi said...

I agree.
For starters that scurrilous bitch
should be thrown into the slammer !

Anonymous said...

Also, get an up to date survey on your property line
adjacent to the new building project.

This measure also signals the developer
that you're not about to take any crap from him !

Anonymous said...

Boy.....if she doesn't look like
the wife of Porky Pig !

She and "Pinky" should
"take up" with each other!

Anonymous said...

Lancaster the politico cat.
Selective enforcement, scorch a few engineers, architects and developers for the self back-patting and monthly DOB kudos in the press releases.
But in reality take care of the friends of this so and so and that one.
Is this the worst kind of government abuse????
I think its time to take Lancaster's Architects license away. Selective enforcement is restraint of free trade, ie anti-trust, a felony. Someone should definitly call the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Help me! I just read this story, did some Googling of Scarano, and realize that the construction site on my corner (i.e. one building away from my house) is the site of Scarano's THE HUMBOLDT. Click on "Multifamily Residential, it is the second from the left, top row. Totally my block.

Already there has been a ton of illegal construction at that site over the past year, not to mention damage to the foundation of the building between ours and the site.

How can I mobilize my block to shut this crap down? Advice?

Anonymous said...

Would it be unchristian of me to pray for her death?

Anonymous said...

How about the real story on this woman who looks so helpless and lost in the photo but had her whole house done over by the insurance companies involved and now is contuing to milk the situation by claiming additional monies for her pain and suffering.
Accidents happen and no one likes them but who is the real crook? The builder who caused the accident to happen or the poor victum who refuses to allow anyone to help only to be used as a puppet by the likes of a Tony Avella or Bill DiBlassio. Dam shame.

Anonymous said...

"How about the real story on this woman who looks so helpless and lost in the photo - "

What an asshole you are. You must work for these contractors. If this was happening to you you would probably crying like a little bitch!

Let's put you in the nursing home or one of your family members and see how you like it!

Accidents don't happen to contractors like these, they are the cause of the accidents by unscrupulous building tactics that are not up to code which are supposed to protect people like this woman. Why should she have to go through this shit. She should milk it to death!

Anonymous said...

It's "damn" not "dam".... stupid!
(Must be one of Bobby
"The Hairpiece" Scarano's "goombahs"
posting this illiterate crap)!

Anonymous said...

Watch out.....
don't let Scarano know that you're posting....
he might put out a contract
to buy the house next door to you "

And you know what that'll mean !

Anonymous said...

You Go Aunt Alice!
Get that homeowner arrested :D
even though i know nothing happened.
they just moved to another house.