Sunday, December 23, 2007

Marshall supports Briarwood rezoning

Last rezoned in 1996, the Central Queens enclave is currently a mishmash of low- and high-density housing, with properties ranging from 20-foot-wide rowhouses to towering condos and apartment complexes.

Boro Prez Gives Green Light To Briarwood Rezoning Plan

Over the past decade, however, population growth has fueled increasing pressure to build higher-density, multifamily structures that appear grossly out character alongside smaller properties, critics say.

The Department of City Planning’s latest proposal would preserve the “hodgepodge” nature of the existing real estate, but prevent further development of the multistory complexes that, residents say, are ruining the character of their neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, but her website just gushes with glee over pushing development into western Queens.

Either we ALL share in the joys of development or NO ONE should be forced into it.

Downzone all of Queens today!

Besides, its probibally illegal to force development into only working class communities and places with minorities like Flushing, Corona, and Jamaica.

A clever developer can likely challenge the patchwork downzoning and get most of it overturned.

Anonymous said...

As a Briarwood resident for 10+ years I can tell you that the neighborhood is being destroyed by developers... in the last 2-3 years all down 84th Drive, I have seen at least a dozen one-family houses fall prey to developers, who put up CRAP dwellings for 6-10 families, or even larger structures. They are the typical Fedders crap, being marketed as "LUXURY CONDOS." (I have been meaning to take some pics for you...) The school is already overcrowded, it is IMPOSSIBLE to park in the neighborhood, etc, etc. The downzoning is good but it is limited to certain blocks and a lot of the damage is already done... You can see the maps here

Existing zoning:

Proposed zoning: